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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Trouble With Exchange 2010 Backup with GRT Enabled on NetBackup

Hello All, I have a NetBackup 7 media server in domain 1, and I am trying to perform a granular backup of mailboxes on an Exchange server in domain 2. I have the client for NFS service enabled and running on the Exchange server. When I run the backup...

JHolst by Level 0
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Resolved! need help concerning GRT duplication error

Hi all, please can you help me in the below error: really I dont understand why that happend? everything was running fine and the problem happend out of sudden.. my configuration is as follow: I am having two mailbox servers (clustered); mailbox01 an...

grigori by Level 5
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PHX User Group Meetings - What do YOU want to hear more about?

Hello fellow Phoenix Backup & Archiving group members, There are currently 4 Symantec Backup & Archiving User Group meetings each year in the Phoenix area, yet only a small group of members attend on a regular basis. We would like to improve attendan...


Hello If you use sharepoint, don't upgrade your farms to this version : support recommends me to return to 7.1 + EEB to get backup working. I am still strugling with them for GRT on Sharepoint 2010SP1   Hope it helps

RMC Manager

I know that you need to install the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 on your Exchange 2007 server in order to do GRT restores but what about if you are running Exchange 2010? Is this updated out of the box or...

SharePoint 2007 GRT

Hi, We currently have a situation that GRT full backups appear successful, although when trying to restore the content database appears empty. This was working fine until I had to do a deletecontentdb, detach and reattach the database in sql and then...

Resolved! Exhchange 2010

We have 2 exchange 2010 servers. CAS and Mailbox server.   We can successfully backup the Mailstores and mailboxes and emials using GRT.   I have not been successful in restoring an email. Has anyone restored an email.   Looking through the support s...

Exchange 2010 GRT

Hello, I have a problem with the granular backup of Exchange 2010 mailboxes. Backup jobs are ok and finish with status 0. When I browse mailboxes of databases, I can see the content of some mailboxes but not for all mailboxes.   Any help appreciated....

Barjoe by Level 2
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Which drive(s) utilize particular media?

Hi   I'm wondering if there was an easy way to extract information from NetBackup about a media (that went bad). I was hoping that there was a "bp" or "nb" command to list the tape drives used for a particular media/tape or backup image (eg. su20386_...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Granular backup -> random mailboxes ?

Hello.   I have 6 policies which backup 6 Storage groups of mailboxes (exchange server 2007), a policy for each storage group, with granular recovery enabled in all of them. Today I tried to recover the "Sent Items" folder of a mailbox. I see the mai...

vilhena by Level 4
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Backing up Exchange 2010

We are currently in process of migrating from IMB Lotus Notes to MS Exchange 2010. I am currently working with a team to design MailBox Backup solution. We are trying to find out what other large companies currently use to backup Exchange 2010 - MS E...

Dip by Level 4
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