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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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migrate On-Premise Solution to Hybrid Environment

hello everyone, I am currently working on a migration project of a NetBackup solution (software/hardware) that has 95% of the hardware obsolete and without support and licensing by capacity, is studying the option of migrating to a hybrid solution th...

Media Server fragment size

My question is about otimizationOur Pure Disk type storage disks are configured with a fragment size of 51.2 GB. Our storage units that send to HCP(Hitachi) and those that send to AWS are configured with a fragment size of 524.288 GB.What I would lik...

Resolved! Use different network interfaces for different jobs/policies

Hi,Netbackup 9.1 (or 10) installed on windows server 2019 which is both the master and the media (local disks). Please assume the following simple scenario:Server has two NIC's :NIC 1 : /  NIC 1 : : (VM1 on it) ...

Resolved! Backup Image detailed file/folder size report

Hello!I have a physical windows client with daily differentials of 22GB in size. I'm trying to determine a way to output a detailed backup job report that includes files/folders, including the size backed up. This would help me establish a possible g...

new2nbu by Level 4
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NetBackup Catalog Recover

Hello, I am trying to recover a NetBacukp catalog from an old server on a new one with another OS but same name and different IP address.I get the following error, when I chose the NetBackup Catalog Recovery Wizard right after successful installation...

Didi7 by Level 3
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incomplete restore 2850

netbackup on RHEL 6.10Hi,I want to restore a backup from a decommissioned server (/home/user1/.ssh) to master server's /tmpbut it always failed with "1: (2850) Failed to get status code information"Detailed status:08/22/2022 07:38:49 - begin ...

In-Cloud Data Recovery with Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault

Hi Friends, I've got some great news!  My latest paper, "In-Cloud Data Recovery with Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault" is now published!  This is a super cool paper, if I do say so myself.  Why is it so cool?  It shows you how to use your new Veritas Alt...

GNeil by Level 4
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which process uses these directories y how to control its size?

Hi people:I'm hunting down the responsible process that are using 52 GB  on /usr/openv/logs/nbrntd  and 220 GB on /usr/openv/var/global/telemetry:/usr/openv/logs# du -sh *20K bmrd1K bmrs1K bmrsetup4.8M nbars4.3M nbatd404K nbaudit923M nbdisco250M nbem...

rbadilla by Level 3
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Setup of malware scanning in Netbackup 10

For quite some times now, I am trying to setup the new malware scanning using Veritas own Alvira Scanner on a Linux host.So far, absolutely no chance to be successful. There's simply not enough information in the documentation on how it should be don...

Resolved! How to list slow and long backup jobs

Hi all,Is there any option how to in Netbackup find and list backup jobs, that are very slow or take a long time? Is it possible to check this somehow using cmd line or is there any built in graphical tool? I think, it is just common concern to know ...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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NetBackup and Pure Storage Faster//Better

Today, most business-critical applications run on high-performance all-flash storage arrays.  The same forces that drive business to demand high performance from their applications apply to data protection operations.  In fact, the stakes are even hi...

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GNeil by Level 4
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Resolved! Is there a way to get the "backup selection" based on the backupid?

HelloWe have a storage system where we do a NDMP backup of multiple volumes. So the backupid will always be for example storage1_1234567 (only the number changes) and the backup policy is also the same. Is there a way to get the backup selection (pat...

Lumpi by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to modify a previous version of SLP on Netbackup 8.0

When trying to modify a previous version of SLP to change the duplication residence, it fails at the command line. The previous Storage Unit definition was very long and doesn't fully show up in the listing. The full name is "grs-nbus2-hcart2-robot-t...

wdoust by Level 3
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Resolved! netbackup chaining job

Hello,Is there a way to chain two job in netbackup?for example:  first job launches the script to create files,second job starts after first one finished and backups these files to master server.Thanks. 

abrukh by Level 2
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List Scratch Tapes from Standalone and send a report

Dear Experts,I am planning to automate Scratch request of Standalone tapes to be recalled from DR.I use the below query to fetch the Scratch from Standalone.vmquery -pn Scratch -b | grep "NONE"The Output lists Media Id but We need Barcode of all thes...

monitoring with Zabbix

Hello, I am looking for monitoring plugins for Netbackup and then I need to find something for ZABBIX. Anybody has something like this or know where I can find these?