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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup Instant Recovery for Vmware

Hi Folks, This is new feature in 7.6. When using IRV NetBackup uses NBFSD and NFS export to create a Vmware datastore containing the virtual machine. After power on the VM can be migrated to the final datastore via Vmware storage vMotion. Meanwhile...

Possible by Level 6
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Resolved! Prerequisites to install NBU 7.6 in Windows Server 2008

Hi everybody,     I'm planning to upgrade the NBU in my company, actual 7.1, to 7.6 but i want to do this in a entire new server.   Do you know any datasheet or doc with hardware (CPU, RAM, HD..) to install NBU 7.6?     Appreciate the help,     Best ...


All, Need some advice about different between NDMP & Path To Tape? What I know is both of it move the data via SAN directly to tape. Thanks

jemmy2a by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.1 Sparc 10 Media Server Installation

Hello, We are currently running on Sun Master and Windows Media Servers which are working quite well. Currently we have a new requirement to add Sun Sparc media server to existing netbackup enviroment. I have Sun Sparc Server ISO image and all_unix I...

Planning Migration from NetBackup to

Hi everybody, We are planning a migration from NetBackup to in VCS Cluster 5.1 SP2 environment. After the research in compatibility guide, we found that it is supported. Does somebody have an idea about the End Of Life Support ?   Net...

Netbackup EV Site Backup - Exclude Servers from EV_Site

Hi everywone, This subject has been an issue that the idea suggested as a solution for an issue facing with one of our customers. Although this is an amazing solution for our issue, I don't know how to do it. There is an ev_site and there are four EV...

TE_Karatay by Level 2
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I get more frustrated everyday! When I call Symantec support and ask for a simple solution....I am always told to "run this cmd". Netbackup is suppossed to be the industry leader in backup I am told. My company has spent over $500K on ...

Bmitche by Level 5
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SAP HANA Backup Script TECH209343

Hello Together Know someone if a doc exists for the following TechNote concerning "Scheduling SAP HANA backups from Netbackup" Thanks for the feedbacks. Kin...

SAP HANA Information

With Netbackup , support for SAP Hana was introduced as a supported configuration.  You must be at and Suse Lunix 11 Please see : - When will the NetBackup for SAP extension support SAP HANA app...

Dyneshia by Level 6
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NetBackup Technical Information Updates: Deduplication FAQs

  Speeding up deduplication Check here for new and updated technical articles (and videos) on NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances that have been vetted by a cross-functional content council of NBU product and technical support engineers.  The first a...

Resolved! image stored in netbackup

Hi All, How is image stored in netbackup? Anybody know the ans. pls share.  

Duma by Not applicable
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Request for discussion: The NetBackup Common Topics page

Have you ever visited the Common Topics page for NetBackup Enterprise Server?  (I hope you have - its URL is in the signature of every reply I've left on the NetBackup forum!)  If you HAVEN'T, go ahead and click on this link right now...don't worry; ...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! Correct binary for the solaris machine

HI All,   I have downladed the 7.5 client binaries from support fileconnect  NB_CLT_7.5.0.5_tar-split.1of3 NB_CLT_7.5.0.5_tar-split.2of3 NB_CLT_7.5.0.5_tar-split.3of3   I mearge it and NB_CLT_7.5.0.5.tar it become and size is 3.64 GB. JUst need infor...

Need confirmation of Exchange 2013 support

We are setting up a new NetBackup 7.5 master server and I need to get confirmation of support for Exchange 2013. I have seen articles suggesting that there is no support and not even any plans for support at this time, even though Exchange 2010 is su...

Flash backup windows Failing with error code 24 and 42

Master Server - AIX 6.1 - Netbackup 7.1 GA Media Server - AIX 6.1 - Netbackup 7.1 GA Client - Windows 2008 R2 Standrad x64 Bpbkar Logs 11:42:08.866 AM: [8764.8736] <2> TransporterRemote::write[2](): DBG -  | An Exception of type [SocketWriteException...

Netbackup 7.6

Hi All,   I hear Symantec already released NBU 7.6 beta, anyone know where can I get document about it? My current version is, we have plan to upgrade to 7.6 to end of this year. Thanks.

T_N by Level 6
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