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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! NDMP restore is hung after reading one media.

Hi All, I am trying to restore a directory on NDMP to its original location. My restore actually requires 8 medias. Restore is going in hung state after reading backup image on one media. Nothing is happening after that. I was not able to find any e...

Resolved! Netbackup not able to see increased space in msdp

Hello All,   Our setup is as follows.. NBU version - master server - Windows 2008 64 bit Media server - Windows 2008 64 Bit We have MSDP in our environment which is on SAN from san disks from one storage array which are combined on OS l...

Resolved! Checking Size of Backup Images on Expired Tapes

Hi, I have customer where they want to IMPORT an Image from Expired Tapes. All is good so far and the IMPORT of an Image is taking long (which is normal). The Only concern i have is there any way to check the sizes of the Images? so that i can impo...

Kernal by Level 4
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Netbackup exluding many folders form backup

Hello Team, Thanks in advance for all your help. I have Netbackup server and from it we are taking file server backup. During restoring of files, we found many files and folders are not backuped up with Netbackup. After analyzing, I found issue wi...

Yogesh_M by Not applicable
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Resolved! Migrating NBU catalog from Suse Linux master server to an NBU Applianc

Hello Guys,   I am required to migrate a Netbackup catalog from a Suse Linux master server to an NBU Appliance. IP and hostname will not change. I have read this technote: and I have a questi...

Bongz_83 by Level 3
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Resolved! Restore job failed

Dear All, I am trying to restore a some file ,but getting bellow error . Could anyone reply me please.   15:11:13 ( INF - Status = allocation failed. I have veritas NetBackup 7.7 on client server 2008   Thanks

Hakeem by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup SQL intelligent policy implementation

Hi All,   I need a help on implementation of SQL intelligent policy. I would like to know what is the best practice and schedule : For full and incremental database backups. for Transaction log backup. Also does it support configuration of poli...

rVikas by Level 5
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Resolved! BMR Restore issues

Hello everyone, Environment: NBU Server: OS: Windows 2008 R2  (VM hosted on ESX) Source Client: Windows 2008 R2 (VM hosted on ESX) Hard disk: 3 (20G, 5G, 10G) Destination Client: Windows 2008 R2 (VM hosted on ESX) Hard disk: 01 (40G) NBU Server...

BMR recovery failing with error: cannot mount srt

Hi,   I'm having Netbackup version running. I'm trying to recover one of my RHEL 6.5 server via BMR. Recovery process lands in # prompt with error: Cannot mount SRT. I'm recovering on same server not on alternate hardware. The only change ...

Resolved! Netbackup Catalog recovery with MSDP media server

I have a site with a 772 master server and a 772 media server, this is a remote site used as a target for AIR replication.  The master server has failed and I need to recover this server. Media server containing MSDP pool including primary copy of ca...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Replace netbackup master server (virtual machine)

Hi all, We need to replace our master server (vm - Linux RHEL 6.0 ) for a new one because of some issues we are facing due to os updates that we did recently. The backup catalog is mounted (nfs) on master server. I want to know the steps to perform...

OS backup restoration through NetBackup

Hi  Team, We  have taken backup of  flat files, SQL database, Exchange Database through OS : Windows 2003 server We  want to restore this  data  through Netbackup Let  us know procedure to restore it      Regards Prajyot K     

pkatakdound by Level 5
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