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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Compactation taking too long?

Hello!We have a 30T MSDP with 70% used, we expire a lot of images recently but the storage wouldn't go down, so the next logical step was to run de compactation via CRCONTROL, but it's taking too long? I started the proccess 2 days ago and it's still...

Mhiago by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup API call format works in Unix but not Windows

I am running NetBackup 8.2 on a Solaris master. I am writing a script to run on my existing Windows clients for when the server needs to be reinstalled and it needs to have a re-issue token to allow automated installation of the NetBackup software. I...

DFSR backup failing

10 May, 2020 7:19:40 PM - begin writing10 May, 2020 7:19:46 PM - Error bpbrm (pid=17654) from client client1230020: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.INF - Estimate:-1 -110 May, 2...

full backup failed with error code 26

Hi allThanks in advance for reading this post. any tips\ideas\advices are highly appreciatedenvironment setting- NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 R2- 1x master server which also act as media server- all clients are VMware, communicated via Virtual Center, s...

aidil_1 by Level 3
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Backup failing with error 41 (SQL)

When attempting to take backup SQL from server as full backup it finishes successfully,and after that  when attampting to take backup diffrential backup from the same server it failes with error 41 "network connection timed out".and the data base is ...

UNC share DR-location

General: Setting up an DR policy so it save the DR file to an offiste location.  The Setup: Netbackup 7.7.3 on a Windows Server 2012r2 (updated to latest greatest)Policy storageNBU_Catalog (which is a storage Units \\shareip\shareProblem: Cant write ...

PoNuts by Level 3
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Backing up a large vmware environment?

Hi All, I was just looking to see what others are doing with the growth of vm's and the need to back them up. I am using NetBackup I am currently have 1000 vm's to backup per site (i have two sites), I have a mixture of VMX4 & VMX7. I have t...

Resolved! Delaying SLP Duplication

I have a very unusual problem in my environment currently - duplications of one specific Exchange database intermittently hang on a regular basis, but then run successfully on the next attempt if they are cancelled. I've provided logs and NBSUs to Sy...

Resolved! Backup on Scratch media pool instead of CatalogBackup pool

Hi all, I have a problem with netbackup v 7.0.1. My catalog policy is backed up on wrong media pool : Netbackup take tape into scratch media pool instead of CatalogBackup pool.. I have tried to move the catalog tape into scratch media with bpexpdate ...

pisquik by Level 3
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Resolved! Client Backup over SAN with SAN Client/FT Media Server

Hi everone I want to backup physical server and VMware ESX on the SAN.My master server OS is Windows 2008 R2.I want to install a media server for FT Media Server.How does should configuratin for this media server ? (Hardware/Operating System/HBA etc....

Ser_Hat by Level 2
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NetBackup Live Update and Windows 2008 UAC...

Hello, I have implemented liveupdate to manage installations of new clients versions for my serveurs (Windows 2003, 2008 and some Linux). We published the update on a IIS web server and everything seems to works very well with the exception of Window...

Fabrice_P_ by Level 4
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MSDP Storage unit is down during queue processing 2074

I am getting 2074 - MSDP storage unit down - during RMAN backups when scheduled queue processing kicks off. It's happened twice now and it correpsonds with scheduled queue processing. Kicks off at 6:30 PM on Friday and all of the jobs that sta...

Resolved! Duplication Jobs running wild

After rebooting my NBU servers, I have over a thousand Duplication jobs trying to run.  A little info:  We have 2 DD670's.  Half backups go to one, half to the other, then each backup duplicates to the other DD670 after the backup completes.   All th...

Resolved! NetBackup 7.5 & VMware BLIB

Although I know that there is a lot of information about BLIB out there, I've had some conflicting advice from people at Symantec and I've found myself feeling unsure about certain facts regarding it. Apologies if this is covering old ground, but I'v...

NetBackup with DataDomain and Status 2106

(1) Master/Media Server Windows 2008 R2 Standard (3) Media Servers Windows 2008 R2 Standard (2) DataDomain DD670's Monday, I disabled all backup policies.  Then I shutdown NetBackup on all 4 severs.  Then I did a shutdown on 1 DataDomain so that...

Resolved! NBU Logs Folder Contents

As part of troubleshooting support cases a while ago, I was asked to run mklogdir.bat to create the log directories on all of my NBU servers. This did what was needed at the time, but now I find that if I'm enabling verbose logs for specific processe...

Resolved! Media Server / SLP Duplication Question

I'm curious about how NetBackup decides which media servers should be used for SLP duplications.   We have 2 Data Domains which we back up to, with a total of 4 media servers; these servers are then grouped in load balanced pairs. Generally our polic...