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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Tape drives remain in SCAN mode

Hi,   I have SCSI tape drives configured in librabry with HCART3 density. Tape drives remain in SCAN mode for long time and they are not ready to pic up tapes. Due to this most of the jobs are in queue state. Please guide what could be the issue an...

Resolved! Need Java console for NBU

Hi All,   We presently migrated all our master server (linux/Solaris) to Due to the vulnerability issues which have been identified  for th eversions lesser than   now we are trying to login to the java console. I downloaded  the ...

Jim89 by Level 3
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Resolved! Change font size in Java Remote Console

Hi, Does anyone if it is possible to adjust the font size inside the Java Remote Console? This is running on a Windows 7 desktop.   Thank you, Herb

Herb_P by Level 3
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resource request failed(800)

I have one job in NetBackup always have a error as below: Error nbjm(pid=5172) NBU status: 800, EMM status: The robotic library is not defined in EMM resource request failed(800) Other backup jobs always good, only this one have this issue. The v...

Resolved! Converting Vault Duplication to SLP

Hi, I have a server configured with vault profiles which is meant for duplication. I want to remove vaulting and all its porfiles and want data to duplicate to tapes via SLP.I have following questions: 1. Can I configure multpile retentions in same...

Resolved! ops center installation

Hello to everyone in my enivironment trying to install the ops center in windows 7 home premium. my quesiton is it possible to install? actually we had 5 master servers and 10 media servers so that can I pull the reports all maste,media and client...


I am receiveing the following error: "Limit has been reached for the logical resource backupserver.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.All_Servers_Policy" Does this mean there is an NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS value that I need to increase the value of?  

Media summary descriptions Active, Scratch, Expired

Apologies in advance for this simple question.   What are the meanings for the descriptions Netbackup give to in use media. Examples I have seen are Active, Scratch, Expired, Vault. Is there an online description of these descriptions and are there...

Resolved! Netbackup User and Groups - how to create a flat file

Hi..  Is there a way to create a flat file for the users and groups before I start cleaning up user and groups. I'd like to create a flat file in the event I will need to restore the users and groups. Please advise how to do this. Thank-you!   ~k...

Kathe_F by Level 3
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Resolved! LTO5 tapes are backingup data with multiple retention

Hi, We have two diffrent volume pools: 1. PRICOPYPOOL - 2 Week retention 2. SECCOPYPOOL -1 Month retention Data backed up in enviornment has 2 copies one is for 2 weeks retention and another is 1 month retention. Multiple copies are configured in...

NDMP restores are taking long time

Hi, I have some urgent restores going on through NDMP filers. Restores have been done on tapes and now I am restoring them back to vfiler from tapes.  I have SSO environment with multiplexing enabled. Restores are taking longer time than expected. ...

Java Console won't Start

I had an issue after installing the Java Console for 7.7.1 on my windows 7 desktop. I would double click the icon a dos window would show up and then close almost immediately.  I searched around and didn't see anything that had the solution so I kept...

Resolved! Can not find installation docs online

I am trying to access Netbackup 7.1 Windows online docs at the following link but can not find them. Are they to be found?

Resolved! client backup failed to read the file list(67)

Hi Backup was failed with error code 67. When i tried to select the backup selection tab its showing a error message unable to connect netbackup host. Could you please some one provide me the troubleshooting steps. How to resolve this issue.