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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Cannot Connect on socket on PC Client

Hello, I had problem connecting to some PC clients. In Host Properties - Client, when I select the PC the status is cannot connect on socket. I restart the Netbackup Client Service, check the port in %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\services and the...

The parameter is incorrect. Restoring DLO

Hi all, In a company where NBU DLO already installed, when I try to restore an item from the console to an alternate directory on the same server, the system sent the error: 4/5/2012 9:56:59 AM - Restore - \\Bz1vtsmas01\Temp\B042\AWB.pdf was not re...

donk2000cl by Level 4
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Resolved! LiveUpdate for NetBackup

Anyone succeeded to implement the LiveUpdate feature for NetBackup Clients? I have followed the “Symantec NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide” Release 7.1 and found some discrepancies, but overall the install procedure reports success, as well as the creation...

Resolved! Install 7.0 client on Windows 7

I have Netbackup 7.0 server installed on a Solaris server and Netbackup 7.0 client installed only on Solaris clients.  The only software I have is what I downloaded: nb_7.0_solaris_sparc64_1.of.3.tar nb_7.0_solaris_sparc64_2.of.3.tar nb_7.0_solaris_s...

RickyB by Level 3
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156 ERROR...

HI ALL    while taking VM level backup m facing 156 error when m selecting VM display name in client name selection tab    but not facing this error when i select VM DNS NAME. WHY?

Windows 7 User Profiles - Missing Folders

It appears Netbackup is not backing up all of the folders in 64bit Windows 7 systems profiles but it use to. The Netbackup enterprise servers are 7.1 and the clients are either 6.5.6 or 7.1. The “Users” folder is a backup selection but the “My Docume...

XJ37 by Level 3
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DLO 6.1 MP6 maintenance pack released!

Find the new NBU_DLO_61_6_M maintenance packs for x86 and x64 here: DLO 6.1MP6 Release Information The Compatibility Matrix has been updated as well: NetBackup (tm) Desktop Laptop Option (DLO) 6.x Compat...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup 7 vSphere 4.1 restoring vmdk issue

Running NetBackup 7 on Windows Server 2008 R2 backing up VMs on vSphere 4.1   Backing up VMs go smooth although I'm testing out restoring a vm (to its original location) after I delete it from disk through vSphere. I kicked off the restore, vSphere d...


Dear All, i have downloaded and installed NBU 7. (upgraded from NBU 6.5.4 to NBU 7) tested basic Filesystem backup/restore. i need to take full backups of VMWARE, ESX via snapshots. can some one share this information? how can i do this in NBU ...

DLO 6.1 MP5 encrypted/Delta Transfer backups NOT RESTORABLE

In case you haven't seen the bulletin (, you have big problems if you have installed DLO 6.1 MP5: If encryption is enabled, backups are NOT being encrypted If encryption is enabled, the bac...

NBU BMR Restore error

Dear team, i want to do a Netbackup Baremetal restore on Windows system, but having an issue. --> NBU Master/Media/Emm Server 6.5.4 on SUN Ultra 25 running Solaris. -->Win BMR Server 6.5.4 running Windows Vista. -->SUN X4100 on which BMR is perf...

Backups to fail with a “71” error

 Is there a way to add a selection to a Windows policy to select the “My Documents” directory for multiple users? From what I have read so far the wildcards “*” and “?” can only be used within a filename and not for a directory name. “C:\Documents an...

XJ37 by Level 3
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