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Resolved! SLP images reporting using OPScenter

Hi All,   Is there a way we can get time elapsed for replication of backup images for particular clients using opscenter analytics or any other way ? replication through SLP to different master server.

OpsCenter unable to export report.

Hi Team, We have OpsCenter hosted on win 2008 R2 Enterprise. When I try to export report to CSV format only the first page is getting exported and not all. Is this known issue or is there a solution for this.   Kindly advice, Bshet

BVshet by Level 5
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Resolved! scheduled date/time of the backup policy

hi Team, Please help to know, how to get the report having following information from ops center analytics - - backup policy name - client name - schedule start time of the backup policy

Brits by Level 6
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generate a custom report using OpsCenter Analytics

NBU   it seems Symantec has left out an obvious report that is needed by many admins. i'm referring to this link which is also looking for the same custom report i am looking:

manatee by Level 6
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user access to ops center to generate alert reports

Hi Friends, I need to provide access to opscenter for a  Monitor team member, to generate alert reports. Please let me know how to give access to ops center for a user, so that user can login to opscenter and can generate alert reports.   Thanks ...

Tables OPSCenter

Good afternoon, I tentnado make a sql report and would like to know the table name that is registered backup jobs that have failed, does anyone know?   Tanks !

Resolved! OpsCenter Audit Trails user info

For our PCI compliance, we need to be able to monitor who makes changes within our NetBackup environment. Using the Audit trails tells me everything I need to know except which user made the change. All I ever see is that Administrator made a change ...

data size or backup size of a SQL policy in opscenter

Hi experts, symantec opscenter analytics. Version Q1) i need to customize a report which displays data size or backup size  of a SQL policy only full backup schedule.  please suggest how to configure it. Q2) i need to customize a report w...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Opscenter monthly report based on specific error code

Hi experts, Q1) symantec opscenter analytics. Version i need to customize a report which displays all specific error codes (like 129) which came during a month or a specific time period. please suggest how to configure it. Q2) i need to cu...

rookie11 by Moderator
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NBU / Ops Center Reporting - VMware Query Based Policies

When running VMware policy types, and selecting VM's via query, what is the best / recommended way to report on the status of clients which were scheduled to backup in the previous 24hrs ?  i.e. success / failure / missed. I don't see an issue with ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! OpsCenter data import from to

Hi, As part of a global infrastructure change at work a new RHEL OpsCenter server has been created and wil be used as a central OC for the Backup team; however, I currently run a Wintel OC and this contains years worth of data and cu...

Historical bar chart for total disk usage over time

Hello everyone, I am using Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter for reporting specific trends within our Netbackup environment. There is a report, however, that I cannot seem to get out of opscenter. Not sure how I would go by doing this.. Basically I am t...

Resolved! Using Opscenter views to create the failure Alerts

I have created 'views' in java viewbuilder to allow me alloctae views to different logins, per server owner. This allows the logged in user to only see their servers reports.   I also use the alerts to email into a call management system to log incid...

Resolved! Need Custom Report Assistance

I want to create a custom report that is the same information as the job summary by job status on the monitor screen.  has anyone duplicated this?      david

Where is my space? (Opscenter Reporting)

OK, so long story short the past week my 5220 appliance has been close to useless.  While things hummed along nicely for the initial months (4), as expected space usage slowly began creeping up.  First 60% and then 80%, but it sat in the 80's for a n...