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How to purge some domains info from Opscenter db

Hello, We need to create a newm opscenter domain using the the database we have today. We need to keep only one domain at this new opscenter and we want to purge all the database not releated to this domain and from the current opscenter database. Th...

Opscenter Center is showing a Domain as Retired (State Column)

Hello, After a DR we had the master server previously added to Opscenter is now showing as retired. Is there a way to change this Status. I don't to want to delete it because its going to lose its data. Is there a way to merge data between the retire...

OpsCenter: Media Request alert shows "null" for barcode...

I have a "Media Request" alert configured in OpsCenter... the trouble is - it sends email with no barcode. Is this an issue with OpsCenter or am I doing something wrong? Here is the email it sends out: Alert Raised on: August 14, 2013 11:30 AM Tree T...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Netbackup Ops Center Analytics

Hi All,   I am new to Netbackup Ops Center Analytics Tool. My management wants to get job status or job summary details starting from Jan 2013 till date. When I looked into the OCA tool, I am not able to get the information for the required date as t...

cs3472 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to setup alert for missed backup schedule in opscenter

Hi,   We are using netbackup I want to know is there a way to set up alerts for skip backup schedule in opscenter. Recently a full backup job was missed, we checked the policy and schedule setting, evrythings seems to be fine as it only happ...

Opscenter - Show schedule start/end time

Hey All, I am looking for a way to show the schedule start/end times (sometimes referred to as the backup window) in a custom report.  I have an Analytics license and run Win2k8 for Master and Opscenter servers.

Connecting OpsCenter securely with multiple backup servers

I have few questions on setting up a centralized OpsCenter monitoring solution for our Backup Environment.  Please help me with the following:   1)  We have multiple datacenter and I want to monitor all the backup servers in one OpsCenter (centralize...

Opscenter reports

We have a report configured in Opscenter that sends out everyday to report failed jobs.  For the most part it works quite well, however, recently we began using NBU for vmware and not instead of a specific server being listed as a failure, all that i...

Resolved! OpsCenter DataBase temporary files out of /tmp

OpsCenter running on Linux SUSE creates some temporary files under /tmp/.SQLAnywhere which look like   ./opscenter_plsys ./opscenter_plsys/shmem ./opscenter_plsys/shmem/shm_00000001 ./opscenter_plsys/shmem/shm_00000002 ./opscenter_plsys/f...

symantec opscenter not working

Symantec OPs center is not working. To fix it, I followed below tech note. However, getting below error # /opt/VRTS/install/installat -configure Can't locate CPI/common/CPI.p...

Resolved! OpsCenter 7.5 with 7.1 master servers

Hi all, Is it possible to run OpsCenter 7.5 with Master Servers running 7.1? We're having this issue - but can't upgrade NBU to 7.5 yet? Are there any known issues or things to...

bpdown by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter GUI displays no information

OpsCenter - Windows 2008 R2 Issue: After opening the OpsCenter Analytics console (on the server) no data is displayed. I can't view settings, reports, monitor, nothing. However when using the web console remotely everything works fine. I have...

bpdown by Level 4
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Nebackup for vmware restore

Hello all, Just wondering if there's a plan to be able to restore full virtual machine using Netbackup Opscenter Thanks.

Dollypee by Moderator
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Custom report for OpsCenter

Hi everyone.   Can anyone supply me with some help creating a custom report which contains a column with "days since last successfull backup"?   It must contain: DateEnvironment (Master Server)Client namePolicyStatus codeDays since last succe...

Resolved! How to configure SMTP settings in OPS Center?

Hello i am using OPS Center ,integrated with netbackup  i want to configure the report, which i have done now i want to  mail it to my big bossess when i made SMTP server settings and then mailing , it was giving error check your SMTP setting...

by Not applicable
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Resolved! Reset jobs results

I configured OPSCenter reports with an schedule which sends email daily. At this moment the number of Failed/Sucess/Rate... jobs on policy state by client report has values since I installed the software and I want to configure those reports only wit...

Need Help in Symantec OPS Center Reports -

Hi All,   We are looking for a below kind of report from the Symantec OPS Center. Can any one please suggest the steps to pull such report. Seems there is some possibliity from SQL Queries. If there is the chance , can you please provide the same. We...

Resolved! Client Not Appearing in Client Filter List

I have an Ops Center 7504 (Analytics) running on W2K8R2. I am attempting to run a report, Backup /Recovery, Job/Image/Media, and when I try and filter on clients many of the clients who have had backups run are not appearing in the drop-down.  In add...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Dashboards and different user accounts

Hi, my server estate is split up into different support teams. I would like to create logins and dashboards per support team. Is there a way that I can set up a user account, create the reports and templates and dashboard - and then somehow copy this...