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Some features not work after upgraded to VBR 6.6.2

Hello there! After upgraded VBR server to 6.6.2, some features on the web console under Reports\Backups\   don't work but they worked before the upgrade in the old version 6.5.1 For example when click on  Reports/Backup/Status/Consecutive Failure, I...

SLA report

Hi, I am trying to create a management report showing graph of success, partial and failure rate of backup jobs from all our datacentres against our SLA goal. My problem is the successful percentage line did not follow the correct trending. Where di...

VBR 6.6 and BE 12.5

Evaluating VBR 6.6 and I am unable to pull reports from my BE 12.5 servers after building the data connectors. All  settings are correct in the agent configuration, My agent reports a Good heartbeat from the server running 12.5 but I keep getting err...

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How to configure VBR to pull data from Solaris 10 x_86

I have a Solaris 10 x_86 64bit machine that is my Master server. I am looking for a way to pull the information onto my VBR server for reporting purposes. I have been able to configure a Sparc Master server in another office, but the x_86 box is giv...

kojiro by Not applicable
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Library Forecast problems

Can anyone else confirm if they have this same issu: VBR or 6.6 (problem appears in both) Windows 2003 OS on the VBR server "Backups" --> "Tape Devices" --> "Library Summary" shows a value under "Total Capacity (GB)" for each library. "Backu...

Filter Descriptions?

Is there any doco out there that describes what each filter actually is?  And for that matter, what the various attributes are when creating a report. I've been working an issue with Symantec about one of my custom reports which is reporting a piece...

Job Staus - Awaiting media insertion

Ok, sounds easy but I need to know how to configure a report to determine if a tape drive is waiting for media insertion and this needs to be included in my daily staus report.?  Problem is I can get a status only for jobs that have actually complete...

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Resolved! VBR and Linux Master Server

We're planning the migration of our Solaris based NetBackup Master Server to a new Linux platform.  My VBR server will remain on (another) Solaris server.  At the moment my VBR server communicates with the agent installed on the Master Server to get ...

VBR Agent for BackupExec

Has anyone gotten the VBR Agnet working on a BackupExec system? Agent is installed correctly and is communicating (heartbeat) with the VBR Master. But none of the modules seem to collect or transfer any data at all. Anyone?  Anyone?  Beuler?

VBR Agent for BackupExec 12 (and error A226)

Does anyone have any tips for configuring a VBR ( agent on a BackupExec 12 system? The Agent installed correctly and is communicating (heartbeats) with the VBR master. However, the Policy and Tape Drive Usage polling reports an error A226 if...

VBR Training

Got Training??   Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for VERITAS Backup Reporter.   It’s all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world.  

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Change IP address on Veritas backup reporter server

I've changed the hostname on my VBR Solaris 9 server  at work , and i can't loggin  on VBR console to work. , anyone know what changes i have to do on the VBR server besides changing the /etc/hosts file ,?  I would appreciate some help .