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Resolved! Opscentre analytic s users restricted monitoring

Hi  we use Opscentre analytics and I want to be able to create user accounts thats have restrictions on the account where they can view and monitor the progress of a running backup, but also see the details tab of the running job so they can diagnos...

Resolved! Netbackup Opscenter 7.6.1 migrating to Windows 2012

We are upgrading our OS....Currently i have Opscenter 7.5 installed on WIndows 2003 SP2 and is working fine. I installed Opscenter 7.6.1 on Windows 2012 VM environment.  The installation was successful and I launched OpsCenter without error before re...

Ms5040 by Level 3
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OpsCenter unable to export report.

Hi Team, We have OpsCenter hosted on win 2008 R2 Enterprise. When I try to export report to CSV format only the first page is getting exported and not all. Is this known issue or is there a solution for this.   Kindly advice, Bshet

BVshet by Level 5
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OpsCenter Report based on Retention Level

Hi, So I got this 5 pictures.Basicaly I want to create a report with no time bassis on retention level. I want it to show me  Client Name, Policy name,  Job protected size, Retention Level, Retention Period of the jobs only wiht a retention of >45 ...

Resolved! OpsCenter reports unknown exception

Running custom report this morning and got 'an unknown exception has occurred'.  Was working fine last week. The standard Tabular Backup Report template produces the same error.  Tried some other templates and they work OK.  

Resolved! Firefox ver 39 is incompatible with OpsCenter - weak key reported

This morning I let Firefox update itself to version 39 and now it refuses to connect to OpsCenter due to weak ciphers.  Here's the error: An error occurred during a connection to <servernameeditedout>. SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-H...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! Query for status code 84/86, grouped by tape library

We have two StorageTek SL8500 running most of our tape backups, and they are located in two different facilities. The one facility is not optimal and we want to compare drive read/write errors between the two libraries to see if the poor facility is ...

Resolved! Ops Server can't comunicate whit Master Server

Hi,    my OPS Center did not communicate whit Master (have work fine for 4 years). I've tried to remove and add master but i have this error message OpsCenter-10905:Action not permitted. Please verify that the OpsCenter host is listed in NetBacku...

OpsCenter - Email Alert Customization

Hi guys, is there anyway to customize the Email alert format generetd by OpsCentre Analaytics? The default format gives usless info such as the JobID. I'd like the target of the operation or the policy in the subject line.

shocko by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter Database cannot be started -- Access is denied

after linux patch one of our OpsCenter servers is not operational # ./OpsCenterServer start SQL Anywhere Start Server In Background Utility Version DBSPAWN ERROR:  -105 Database cannot be started -- Access is denied Unable to s...

Resolved! Netbackup OPSCenter - Oracle clone

Hi, I have a customer that have a problem with oracle clone feature in OPSCenter. Netbackup and OPSCenter version Issue: Oracle clone using opscenter failes with "Lanch Clone failed". This is what I can see: Selecting Oracle DB using a tim...

OpsCenter WebServer Service Not Starting

I've been tasked to install OpsCenter onto a VM. The install completed successfully, but when I try to connect to the applicaiton I'm unable to. I've checked the services, and everything except the OpsCenter WebServer Service is running. OpsCenter is...

mghall by Not applicable
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Adding LDAP to OPSCenter

Hello,     I need some help about registering an LDAP Active Directory to OPSCenter. As explained , i added the domain following your instructions : vssat addldapdomain -d sosm.lan9 -s ldap://myLDAPmachine -u ou="Users",dc="sosm",dc="lan" -g ou=...

Abdel91 by Level 2
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Unable to add second master server to OpsCenter data collection...

Windows 2008 R2 SP1 OpsCenter v7.6.0.2 2 x master NB52x0 v2.6.0.2 When I try to add second master server to 'data collection' I get:     OpsCenter-10902:A master server with this name already exists. You should provide a different Master Server N...

sdo by Moderator
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Are there SQL query for OPScenter for generating reports?