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OpsCenter Report based on Retention Level

Hi, So I got this 5 pictures.Basicaly I want to create a report with no time bassis on retention level. I want it to show me  Client Name, Policy name,  Job protected size, Retention Level, Retention Period of the jobs only wiht a retention of >45 ...

Resolved! List of Active clients in NBU

Hi All,   From OPS center how can I extract the report for all the list of server with their OS and HW information and need to get the list of only active clients which are in active policy   Regards Rohit

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Resolved! Query to get list of clients that have been removed from netbackup

  Hi,   can anyone help me on creating a query to get the list of clients that have been deleted from netbackup for the past 3 months? I want only clients that have been deleted means no longer in the NBU client list not client that have been rem...

Aris56 by Level 4
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Resolved! Daily backup report using symantec netbackup opscenter analytic

Here's my question: I would like to be able to generate following reports from opscenter in a tabular form from my opscenter analytic on a daily basis for my management. 1. Total jobs executed in 24hrs 2. Successful jobs in last 24hrs (Status 0) ...

Dollypee by Moderator
   VIP    Certified
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Exchange 2010 DAG Restore

Hello All I have OPSCenter Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 and want to try and restore an Exchange 2010 Mailbox.  I do not see under the advanced search option that allows me to select Exchange policy.  So is it even possible to restore an Exchang...

erose by Level 3
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Turn off RESTORE logging in OpsCenter - how to?

Hi I wish to turn off logging of restores in OpsCenter is there a method to do this?   Currently it appears that all reporting of restores of individual files is visible to the public.  This information I would prefer not to be public for security ...

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Resolved! OpsCenter Known issues.

Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade our existing Symantec opscenter server from to can any one provide me with links to any known issues.   Mant Thanks, Bshet.

BVshet by Level 5
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Need a Report for Exchange 2010 DAG Backups

I need some assistance with generating a report from either OpsCenter Analytics or A Script that shows only the databases backed up, and amount of the backup data.  Right now i use a client report but it shows to much data ex:    FILEBACKUP 12...

Resolved! OpsCenter - change up the overview page?

I haven't yet figured out a way to rearrange the info blocks on the monitor -> overview page... is it possible? i.e. to put the ones I care about most at the top?   Thanks in advance! Susan

spitman by Level 5
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Resolved! OpsCenter Multiple Times Zones

Hi, I am currently involved in a globalisation project for the entire Netbackup Estate across the UK/ USA/HK and have set up a cetralised OpsCenter server based in the USA, firstly is it Ok to have a Master Server reporting into two OpsCenter server...

Customised Logo in OpsCenter Reports

Hi, Need some help on how to change Symantec Opscenter Analytics logo on custom reports exported in PDF's from Opscenter? I am looking to export some of the pdf reports with my company logo instead of Symantec Opscenter Analytics for my clients. Not ...

FirozK by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Netbackup Ops Center Analytics

Hi All,   I am new to Netbackup Ops Center Analytics Tool. My management wants to get job status or job summary details starting from Jan 2013 till date. When I looked into the OCA tool, I am not able to get the information for the required date as t...

cs3472 by Level 4
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Remote Connection to OpsCenter

Question I have went though the admin guide, and I have search around but I am not sure this has been asked.   We are not your tipical help desk where I works we do a little of everything. I just installed OpsCenter on or Netbackup server and...

Versions supported by OpsCenter Analytics.

Hi, I'm planning an implementation of OpsCenter Analytics to send SNMP alerts to monitor servers with TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and BackupExec. I read that in the next releases of Opscenter, those backup tools wont be supported, do you know anythi...

Resolved! How to configure SMTP settings in OPS Center?

Hello i am using OPS Center ,integrated with netbackup  i want to configure the report, which i have done now i want to  mail it to my big bossess when i made SMTP server settings and then mailing , it was giving error check your SMTP setting...

by Not applicable
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Media Utilization Report

Hi Any Way to get the utilization of media for a particular volume pool with Opscenter? I dont have License for Opscenter Analytics.