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Resolved! Opcenter Atutil

Hi, I am planing to upgrade Netbackup Ops center from to I have a doubt with AT. I don't have LDAP or AD authentication is my environment, Do I still need to export the authentication settings using atutil before the upgrade and imp...

jmane by Level 2
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Resolved! OpsCenter Report generating slow

I'm running OpsCenter 7.7.1 on RHEL 6.7.  It's a VM running in ESXi 5.5. We only have 1 RHEL 6 master server and 4 media appliances. The rest of the environment is running This was set up by someone else over a year ago I inherited it. We h...

Resolved! Netbackup OPS center reporting for EMC Networker

Can we use Netbackup 7.7 OPS center for reporting of EMC Networker I have not found any procedure in Netbackup OPS center 7.7 administrator guide how I can configure ops center with Networker Do i required to install netbackup client on Net...

Resolved! OpsCenter Daily Failure Report

I have the following report but it seems to only display the first 50 lines.  I cant seem to find a reason as to why it would do that.  I have also tryed changing from a select distict to select 500 starting at 1, but that did not make a difference. ...

nbritton by Level 4
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oracle job duration is not correct

hi friends i use netbackup 7.5 and opscenter for reporting. type of some of policies are oracle database. and they have several channels to do the backup. when i use job duration report for the policy it sum measure of all channels. for example i k...

kms11 by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter 7.7 is it working on NBU ?

Hi All; I hear Symantec released new Symantec OpsCenter 7.7. I like to upgrade from my current to 7.7. My question , OpsCenter 7.7 is it working on NBU ? Or should I wait until I upgrade my nbu system to ? Thnak you.

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! List of Active clients in NBU

Hi All,   From OPS center how can I extract the report for all the list of server with their OS and HW information and need to get the list of only active clients which are in active policy   Regards Rohit

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Upgrade of Ops Center Analytics from v7.5.0.7 to v7.6.x.x

Hello All,   We are planning to upgrade our ops center analytics from v7.5.0.7 to v7.6.x.x.   Please suggest to which latest version we need to upgrade ops center too.   Also please provided some steps that we need to follow.

nbu123 by Level 5
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Resolved! Double entries in OpsCenter report

Hi, The job primary id is shown always several times and I would like to eliminate this duplication! I have so far not found any useful hints. thanks for any suggestions ....   regards, Juan

generate a custom report using OpsCenter Analytics

NBU   it seems Symantec has left out an obvious report that is needed by many admins. i'm referring to this link which is also looking for the same custom report i am looking:

manatee by Level 6
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OPSCenter Report Issue: some clients show 0 data written

Hi, i'm posting here because i've a really strange issue with OPsCenter Version when i execute a standard report ("Client Summary Dashboard" for example), it shows that 4 clients (out of more than 100) never had a kbyte backup, but have a ...

new installation fails RHEL6 OpsCenter

/lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory   Trying to install OpsCenter v7.6 on RHEL6 and it seems to want 32bit library though the machine is totally 64bit.  Any workaround for this?  Owner does not want to install 32bit p...

Resolved! OpsCenter Database cannot be started -- Access is denied

after linux patch one of our OpsCenter servers is not operational # ./OpsCenterServer start SQL Anywhere Start Server In Background Utility Version DBSPAWN ERROR:  -105 Database cannot be started -- Access is denied Unable to s...

Adding LDAP to OPSCenter

Hello,     I need some help about registering an LDAP Active Directory to OPSCenter. As explained , i added the domain following your instructions : vssat addldapdomain -d sosm.lan9 -s ldap://myLDAPmachine -u ou="Users",dc="sosm",dc="lan" -g ou=...

Abdel91 by Level 2
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