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Resolved! Query for status code 84/86, grouped by tape library

We have two StorageTek SL8500 running most of our tape backups, and they are located in two different facilities. The one facility is not optimal and we want to compare drive read/write errors between the two libraries to see if the poor facility is ...

OpsCenter Email Notifications

I need help/guidance in creating notifications for failed backups that are getting backed up through a query policy.  We work in a hospital environment and for some of our applicaitons the system analyst has to be notified the job failed/completed be...

RonF_ by Not applicable
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Where is my space? (Opscenter Reporting)

OK, so long story short the past week my 5220 appliance has been close to useless.  While things hummed along nicely for the initial months (4), as expected space usage slowly began creeping up.  First 60% and then 80%, but it sat in the 80's for a n...

Resolved! All Failed Backups Template

I am trying to customize the All Failed Backups report to show all failed backups for a full backups of our Exchange databases and have them emailed to my nightly so I have verry fast notification to any failed backups. I have the report narrowed dow...

Resolved! Backup Exec Collector not showing any data

Hello, I have installed OpsCenter Agent 7.1 on a server running BackupExec 12.5 (Win2k8 R2) I have created a new agent & then a BackupExec collector under OpsCenter. When i go to Settings > Configuration > Agent i can see the newly create agent/host ...

zoky by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Exec Data Collector in OpsCenter

I am trying to collect data from a Backup Exec machine.  I have read through the admin guide telling me to create a data collector.   When i go to Settings > Configuration > Agent i can see "Intergrated Agent" listed.  If i try to create a new agent,...

zoky by Level 4
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Resolved! Connecting to RHEL Master Server

Hi, I have just migrated my HP-UX master sever onto RHEL, I have retained the hostname but the IP address has changed, the migration and catalog import went great, I have had ny network teams change the DNS entry for the new IP and have now got all m...

Some way to tell how many tapes I am using a month

I am about to separate my DEV envrironment and PROD environment.  We are going to create two logical libraries and I am trying to figure out how many tapes we are using a month so we can make sure we have enough new tapes to rename for one of the env...

Using OpsCenter/Analytics to show backup times

Hello, Does anyone know how to use Ops Center/Analytics to create a report that will show what time the first backup starts and what time the last backup finishes?  It seems it should be a modification of the backup window report but looking for any ...

new2nbu by Level 4
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Editing Tape library Alias

Configuration: OpsCenter 7.1 with hotfix on AIX 64Bit 2 Windows attached libraries 11 Solaris attached libraries - physical and VTL Alias can be edited for Windows attached libraries - no problem Cannot edit Solaris attached l...

Partner Accredited Certified
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Ops Center Available media report, tape count

Hi, We use NOM to generate an available media report, which provides us with information of tapes currently in the tape library with master server name, volume pool name and quantity (formed from slot number count).  However I am having difficulty re...

OpsCenter reporting removed drives as DOWN

Hello, We run NetBackup 7.0.1 and OpsCenter Analytics 7.0.1. We have 49 drives spread out over 3 tape libraries (24+24+1) working well and having all paths UP. However, during some testing we had an additional tape library with 12 drives attached to ...

Resolved! Ejecting tapes via OpsCenter

We are trying to limit access to our master server. That said I need a way to have our NOC guys eject full tapes. I did a search in help and on the web, but coulsn't find what I needed. The question is, can you eject tapes via OpsCenter? If so, how? ...

Master Server no longer collecting data

We migrated our Master Server to new hardware, retaining the name per Symantec instructions/recommendations. Same OS, (AIX), same NetBackup version, (7.0). The problem is that OpsCenter, (version 7.0.1 running on Windows server 2008) has stopped coll...

RGuinn by Level 4
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Some features not work after upgraded to VBR 6.6.2

Hello there! After upgraded VBR server to 6.6.2, some features on the web console under Reports\Backups\   don't work but they worked before the upgrade in the old version 6.5.1 For example when click on  Reports/Backup/Status/Consecutive Failure, I...