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Resolved! Opcenter Atutil

Hi, I am planing to upgrade Netbackup Ops center from to I have a doubt with AT. I don't have LDAP or AD authentication is my environment, Do I still need to export the authentication settings using atutil before the upgrade and imp...

jmane by Level 2
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Resolved! Upgrading OpsCenter Analytics and NetBackup 7.7

Hi, I was going to upgrade NetBackup 7.6.0.x to 7.7. I downloaded all the install packages. Sort tells me to start with upgrading OpsCenter. My current OpsCenter is installed on Solaris 10, which doesn't look like it's supported - Not listed in the ...

AZ_Dave by Level 3
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Resolved! Migrating from 32 to 64 bits - Need help to migrate opscenter.

Hi guys. I am currently running Opscenter under windows 2003 sp2 standard edition, wich if course it´s 32 bits, and now facing the migration to 7.6, I am rebuilding some servers, and this one is among them. As far as I understand, the corre...

Resolved! Upgrade Opscenter from to 7.6.1

Hi   Current environment: Master server running on Redhat Linux 6 with NBU version Opscenter running on Windows 2008 server with opscenter version   We have totally over 7 Master server in our environment with either or ...

Resolved! OpsCenter upgrade to steps question

According to the SORT generic OpsCenter> checklist the general process is:   Upgrade the agent Upgrade OpsCenter   But...shouldn't OpsCenter be upgraded first and then the agent on the monitored NetBackup masters?  Otherwise you ...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! OpsCenter Known issues.

Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade our existing Symantec opscenter server from to can any one provide me with links to any known issues.   Mant Thanks, Bshet.

BVshet by Level 5
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OpsCenter upgrade issues.

We recently upgraded our Opscenter server running windows 2008 server to version After the upgrade it connected to all the master servers in our environment properly and was showing all the expected data. The next day it lost connectivity to...

Resolved! Upgrading OpsCenter to different server

Currently we use OpsCenter 7.5 with NBU 7.5. OpsCenter runs on a W2K3 server and NBU on a W2K8 server. We want to replace the W2K3 server for a W2K8. I prepped a new VM with W2K8, but when installing OpsCenter 7.5 i got errors and it didn't install....

Ops Center - Upgradation from to 7.6

Hello All, We are in the plan of upgrading OpsCenter version to 7.6 from in our environment; I need assistance/some step by step suggestion documentation from you all to make this as a successful upgradation. I need some project plan from y...

Changed .csv format after upgr. ->

The format of the .csv output file-name is changed after upgrade. : OpsCenter_All_Failed_Backups_19_03_2014_07_00_58_494_AM_61.csv : OpsCenter_All_Failed_Backups_19_03_2014_07.csv How can I change it back to the "" ?

Even by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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update to 7.5 takes HOW LONG?

Started upgrade from to 7.5 over 90 minutes ago, says "...may take some time based on database size" Log file says "ALTER TABLE domain_Image ..."   Is this normal for 300Mb database?  Should I kill it and start again?  

Problems after upgrading OpsCenter to

Hello After upgrading our OpsCenter to from we have some reports that does not work scheduled and there seems to be a problem with the collection from our two masters which are on and Wonder if others had seen similar ...

Opinion of OpsCenter Analytics

Has anyone that upgraded to OCA have an opinion, good or bad, on whether the upgrade is stable?  I've got a problem with data collection on showing partially connected, and some of the collectors seem to have stopped working over time...

Resolved! OpsCenter issues after upgrading to

Opscenter (Windows) NetBackups (Solaris) Recently upgraded OpsCenter Analytics from to Since then we've been having issues with the 3 NBU Master servers losing connection each night, and also some data collections fai...

bpdown by Level 4
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Versions supported by OpsCenter Analytics.

Hi, I'm planning an implementation of OpsCenter Analytics to send SNMP alerts to monitor servers with TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and BackupExec. I read that in the next releases of Opscenter, those backup tools wont be supported, do you know anythi...