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Incomplete Job Alert Reporting on All Policies

As each of our NetBackup 7.5.03 media servers are in different offices and managed by specific IT staff, we have several incomplete job alerts configured for each of our media servers.  However, we found that all incomplete job alerts were reporting ...

Opscenter Oracle Report Issue

I'm working with Opscenter Analytics to generate automated reports on our backup failures and seem to have discovered an exclusion for Oracle backup policies when trying to generate a failed backups report. I have a view with a group of servers prima...

No SNMP from OpsCenter

I am trying to monitor Netbackup through SCOM 2007 R2, but I am not receiving any traps. My environment: Symantec NetBackup 7.1.03 Symantec OpsCenter (on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box w. Quad cpu and 16Gb ram) SNMP on OpsCenter: - Security tab: - ...

BiBj by Level 3
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OpsCenter report export discrepencies

Morning,  I'm having very basic, but irritating issues with OpsCenter included with out NetBackup installation. OpsCenter is the free version. I have daily reports of backups that succeed or fail. On a daily basis I export these and use them ...

Jason_11 by Level 3
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Detailed report of Restore job

I need to be able to pull up a detailed report of restore jobs that I triggered withing a certain time period. I am able to pull up a "List of all restore jobs of the a given client" but within that report, I need to know what specific file was resto...

Partially Connected to nb 6.5.5 agent

Hi, I got opscenter 7.1 running with two netbackup server connected. My nb 7.1 server is always connected but my nb 6.5.5 with opscenter agent installed i get Partially Connected from time to time. Sometimes it just works fine and cant figure out wha...

erikd by Level 3
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NetBackup OpsCenter 7.1 doesn´t collect Data anymore

Hi, i tried to create some reports, but the OpsCenter showes me only the Data between September and the 17th of October. so i have no informations between 17th october and today ^^ The Services on the OpsCenter Server are clean (up).   The State of t...

Opcenter Hardware requirements

Hi,   Do someone know the hardware requirements for Opcenter?   CPU: Diskspace: Mem:     Thx in advance!   Kind regards, Loko32

loko32 by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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OpsCenter Backup Status Code help not found

Hi, I recived an error that the documentation of the status codes could not be found in OpsCenter 7.1: HTTP Status 404 - /opscenter/help/de/statuscodes/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm OpsCenter is running on 2k8R2 64   The solution is simply to cop...

OpsCenter Restore Report Issue

Our internal audit department has a report that it runs on a quarterly basis for restore history.  On database restores the file count is always consistanly zero, but there are bytes restore reported.  Also we are seeing intermittant instances on non...

Roy_Drury by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup Opscenter reporting media used

Hi, We're trying to us Opscenter to generate a report that just has the client backed up and the media used and date.  Or the policy and media used, but I'm not finding it anywhere. The closes I've gotten is the Backup -> Status & Success Rate -> Sta...

OpsCenter with external broker

Is it possible to use external AT broker for OpsCenter? Which type should it be? I already have NBAC infrastructure with 1 Root broker and several AB on Master-servers.

kf by Level 2
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Netbackup 7 and SCOM

According to this document there is a way to integrate NBU 6.5 (via NOM) and SCOM/MOM. There is a management pack to do this. Is there a similar way to integrate Ops Center (NBU 7 monitoring platform) with ...

Pappo by Level 3
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Symantec OpsCenter Windows installation

We have just purchased Symantec OpsCenter + Analytics and I will be installing it on a Dell R710 with 2 quad core 2.93 GHz CPUs and 24 GB of RAM. I have 2 X 146GB and 3 X 300GB hard drives for the system. My question is this: I plan on seperating th...

RGuinn by Level 4
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Using Veritas Sybase ASA driver connecting to the VBR database.

We have a dedicated VBR server that all the master propagate their data.   From there we use customs tables and scripts to extract data to generate custom SLA reports.   We would like to extract that data into our CMBD but need that sybase ASA driv...

Willspe by Level 3
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Media and Tape Drive Information are not being collected.

Hello, Use case: - One Master Server 6.5.4 on Windows Server 2003 (6 drives LTO-3). - One Media Server 6.5.4 on Windows Server 2003 (3 drives shared). - VBR 6.6.2 on Windows Server 2003. - The NetBackup Remote Administration Console and Agent ...