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Including Last Successful Backup in SQL code

Hi again, I'm working with the version of OpsCenter Version Now I am trying to create a report including , Policy name, cliente name ,Jobstate,status attemps,start and end time; I am working with this code: SELECT domain_Job.Policyname...

When generating a report I can not see clients updated

Hi, I'm working with the version of OpsCenter Version I have created a new view with the latest updates for disabled clients.Although in my created reports I have selected this same view, when generating a report I can not see  these clien...

Resolved! Missing soem clients in opscenter reports

I have created one report in opscenter and total servers are 8 and after creating the report i can see only 2 clients in the report list, but those missing servers are in our backup support i can see in activity window. I am not sure why its not refl...

Netbackup ops center Missed backups

Hi Team, With the current Netbackup Ops center , Missed backup report is included with all scheudles. There is no way to apply filter on the schedules. Is there any way we can generate missed backup report for Only weekly , or Daily schedules base...

Babu_Kali by Not applicable
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user access to ops center to generate alert reports

Hi Friends, I need to provide access to opscenter for a  Monitor team member, to generate alert reports. Please let me know how to give access to ops center for a user, so that user can login to opscenter and can generate alert reports.   Thanks ...


Are there SQL query for OPScenter for generating reports?

How to List all Alert Policies

I'm sure I saw a way of listing all the alert policies that have been set up in OpsCenter during a demo, could anyone tell me how it is done please?   Many thanks

Resolved! Netbackup reporting with Sybase SQL Anywhere query

Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing good. I am trying to get some customized data using sql query in Ops Center. Like getting latest 10 backup reports for each client. The thing I am struggling with I need the table list where I could get those data. I a...

Operations Center Analytics

Does anyone have a report that shows Backup Image Retention Summary by Client report ? What we need is a list of backup images with their retention (backup date and expiration date), showing the client name and tape names. The input parameters….  E.g...

Nebackup for vmware restore

Hello all, Just wondering if there's a plan to be able to restore full virtual machine using Netbackup Opscenter Thanks.

Dollypee by Moderator
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Upgrading VBR To Ops Center

  This Technote i find very Useful for upgrading VBR To OpsCenter 7.1 , so i am sharing it First stage in which VBR metadata and backup data is migrated from VBR to the Ops...

inn_kam by Level 6
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