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PLEASE do NOT post product queries in this forum

This forum was created by SYMANTEC employees to publish details of new announcements an documentation. There are no VERITAS employees monitoring or using this forum. If you have product-related queries, please use these forums: Storage Foundation: ht...

Marianne by Moderator
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Query regarding stopping of vcs

Hi Team,   Could you please suggest on this,   To stop the vcs and leaves the application running we use,    hastop -all -force and then start the vcs with hastart.   But, under which condition do we have to use  this command "hastop -all -f...

How to disable email alerts from data domain

Hi All,   Can some one tell me how to disable email alerts from data domain enterprise manager.   I logged in to the webconsole and i could see a tab alerts , but i donot see any email address listed there, but i get email alerts from DD.   Reg...

Doolze by Level 4
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Virtual IP in vcs

HI Team     A basic question, What is the role of defining virtual IP addresses in vcs.How to configure if OS is solaris 10. Thanks, Allabouunix

Regarding Service grp in W_OFFLINE_PROPAGATE

Hi, We have a status  of  W_OFFLINE_PROPAGATE for SAP_RPT_CI_GRP.   O/P is   root@mapls111# hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen A  mapls111          RUNNING              0 A  mapls222             ...

Triggers in vcs

Hi, What are triggers in vcs?If i want to stop some alerting system in vcs do i need to off the triggers? Please help me to analyze it?   Thanks

Subdisk creation in vxvm

Hi Team,   This is a basic question i am asking is, During the creation of concatanation and mirrored volumes, how many numbers of subdisks are created.. in which factors it depends. Please assist, as i have to give training to collougues in my o...

LLT low priority links

Hello Guys, We have 2 hight priority links and we need to add additinal 2 low priority links. The OS is AIX.  Do we need to stop, llt, gab and had to do that? Can anyone provide the steps?  Thanks in advance.

mokkan by Level 6
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‘vxdmppr’ utility information

Hello, With VxVM, we get ‘vxdmppr’ utility which performs SCSI 3 PR operations on the disks similar to sg_persist on Linux. But we don’t find much documentation around this utility. In one of the blogs we saw that its unsupported utility. Can someone...

testraf by Level 3
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