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PLEASE do NOT post product queries in this forum

This forum was created by SYMANTEC employees to publish details of new announcements an documentation. There are no VERITAS employees monitoring or using this forum. If you have product-related queries, please use these forums: Storage Foundation: ht...

Marianne by Moderator
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Query regarding stopping of vcs

Hi Team,   Could you please suggest on this,   To stop the vcs and leaves the application running we use,    hastop -all -force and then start the vcs with hastart.   But, under which condition do we have to use  this command "hastop -all -f...

Resolved! Change the Host IP address in the Veritas cluster

Hello All, We have a Veritas cluster server setup (VCS-HA,VCS-CFS & VERITAS-RAC) where on few setup we required to change the data IP address of some host(node). I refer few notes but not sure except /etc/hosts is there any file need to update/edit....

knbu by Level 4
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Listener failed

Team,   During a database activity, we  did not freeze the cluster due to some reason,the listener went down due to the activity however database team has confirmed that DB is up and online. Initially, when i tried to check  the faulted resource i...

Resolved! DB failures in VCS node

Hi Team,   We have two servers in a VCS (Planet - Space), in planet DB's are experiencing DB failures, they reported to Unix team to look out from their side. I am not able to paste the output of errors, but could you please suggest what best step...

Creation of new filesystem in vcs environment.

Hi Team, We have to create a new filesystem and it is in  2 node cluster. /RMPRDR01/oradata5---> Add this new mount point  of 252 GB we have a request to create new filesystem which is in vcs cluster 5.0 For reference about, attached is t...

Resolved! Plan for DIMM replacement activity(VCS nodes)

Hi Team,   We have to replace DIMM on the passive node in which VCS services is currently not running.The cross over LLT cables   is badly hanged wih each other and Symantec engineer told us that he will manage the cable issue and no require to dow...

Resolved! node freeze v/s service group freeze

Hi Team,   I came across a DIMM replacement activity in one of our solars servers which are in cluster. Please assist before proceeding for teh activity shall i have to freeze teh service group OR DO i need to freeze the node? ALso, kindly guide ...

Resolved! mnt_app resource failover

Hi,   Below is the resource dependecies in my enviroment, what happened is somebody unmount the /app filesystem.So, resource went on faulted state, when i checked that resource criticality it shows mnt_app as non-critical resource 0 and vol_app an...

Resolved! Service group concurrency violation

Hi Team, We have alerts of concurrency violation, we have two servers in cluster mapibm625, mapibm626   Logs are,   2014/12/26 19:37:03 VCS INFO V-16-1-10299 Resource App_saposcol (Owner: Unspecified, Group: sapgtsprd) is online on mapibm625 (No...

Resolved! Resource group in STARTING|PARTIAL

    Can anyone explain step by step what we usually do when we have a resource group in STARTING|PARTIAL phase in vcs     See below log:   2014/11/25 16:58:51 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13066 (localhost) Agent is calling clean for resource(cfsmount3) be...

Virtual IP in vcs

HI Team     A basic question, What is the role of defining virtual IP addresses in vcs.How to configure if OS is solaris 10. Thanks, Allabouunix

Resolved! concurrency violation

Hi Team, This alert came in my environment in one of the AIX server 6.1 of concurrency violation.     Subject: VCS SevereError for Service Group sapgtsprd, Service group concurrency violation Event Time: Wed Dec  3 06:46:54 EST 2014 Entity Nam...

Resolved! Root cause for resource fault in vcs 6.0

Hi Team, We have a AIX 6.0 server in which vcs 6.0  is running resource got faulted and now came online automatically. Submitting some details, We only know that there is something wrong with database listener configuration, however unable to find...

Resolved! HAD restart countinously

Hi, In my environment, I used hasstart to start the cluster in one node however, it restarts again and again.What are the possible areas in which i have to look for its troubleshooting?

Triggers in vcs

Hi, What are triggers in vcs?If i want to stop some alerting system in vcs do i need to off the triggers? Please help me to analyze it?   Thanks

Resolved! regarding Critical resources in vcs

Hi,   In my environment there is no critical resource defined,I am not sure why they have this type of  configuraton. Is there any other ways to define the criticality of the resources or how vcs manages these conditions if some uncertinity happe...

Resolved! system state FAULTED

> Hi, > > I am having VCS 6.0 running on solaris 10on a 2 node cluster. All the > nodes were rebooted as part of scheduled job, during which i got number > of messages in engine log which i am trying to understand. The sequence > of events in log are...