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Resolved! Storage Foundation

Hi im new to the product and the field, so really any advice would be great. where exactly do you install VOM in your SAN environment and does the SF s/w collide with the storage vendor management s/w. And how do you control a heterogenous storage ...

Resolved! ForceImport

Hi all, I need help to good understand attribute ForceImport.   There is a table "Failure situations" in Symantec Storage Foundatio and High Availability Solutions Solutions Guide. (221p.) I don't understant situation number 7 Split-brain situati...

Resolved! Blue Disk Icon in SFWHA against disk

I would like to know whether the blue information icon that I am seeing on the passive node of a sfwha cluster will clear when a failover is initiated. The issue has arisen following a recent disk expansion which all went well apart from the odd iss...

slick1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Volume drive letters are not enumerated

Hello, I have a two node failover cluster which is running SQL Server 2008R2. The OS on the nodes is Server 2008 R2, and we are utilizing Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 6.0.1 The issue is that at failover from Node01 to Node02, the Dynamic...

Network connectivity loss solution

Hi all, Some time ago we experienced a total network failure between our to Datacenters. This failure only took place for a couple of seconds but it resulted in a active node and a node that was trying to start all instances. When connectivity was re...

eu22106 by Level 4
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Resolved! Deporting/Importing Disk Group in VMware.

Hello. I am running SFHA 5.1 in a VMware environment. I created a 2 node cluster and the nodes failover perfectly. However when i create a disk group on a shared bus and deport it from the current node. It does not show up for importing in the other ...

Umair_K by Level 2
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Resolved! SF 5 - priority for Disks in a mirror

Hello, I have a general question. We mirror two storages with SF. Now it is possible to say, that ohne disk has a higher priority as the other disk in the mirror? So that I have a primary and a secondary disk??? Thanks for advice Katrin Rückbrod

Resolved! Upgrading SFWHA v5.1GA to SFWHA v5.1 SP1

Currently I have a 6 node cluster (5 active, 1 passive) running SQL 2003. I would like to perform a rolling upgrade of all the nodes clusters from SFWHA v5.1 GA to SFWHA v5.1 SP1 without taking any downtime on any of the active cluster nodes. My ques...

Resolved! Dynamic Mirrored Quorum Disk

Hi Everyone - another question about Dynamic Mirrored Quorum Disks on SFW & campus clusters: I understand the procedure for setting up MS Failover Cluster on SFW is to first establish the Microsoft Failover cluster, then install SFW. After installing...

SFW 5.1 on Windows2008 display wrong disk name

Hi,   I installed SFW 5.1 SP2 on Win2008 R2 x64 with the VVR option. The problem I have is that windows explorer show all the disk label name as "Local Disk" whereas in VEA it display them as the internal name of the disk, which is what I want. I hav...

neoluu by Not applicable
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Resolved! Bluescreen from vxio.sys

Hello,   we have a Win2008R2 Microsoft Cluster with Storage Foundation 5.1 and the cluster Option. Tonight one of the Cluster nodes restart with Bluescreen. My debugger said: Probably caused by : vxio.sys ( vxio+56ba ). -> I have attached the Minidum...

Resolved! Installing Veritas Cluster

Dear all we are in the process of installing veritas cluster and storage foundation and we have Netapp Storage,do we need shared LUN to install Veritas Cluster?.Right now im trying to connect LUN and there are two options one is dedicated and anoth...