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Storage Foundation for Windows
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Resolved! ForceImport

Hi all, I need help to good understand attribute ForceImport.   There is a table "Failure situations" in Symantec Storage Foundatio and High Availability Solutions Solutions Guide. (221p.) I don't understant situation number 7 Split-brain situati...

Resolved! Service Monitor

Hi, I have problem with serviceMonitor agent. I created script(www.bat): @echo off ping>nul if %errorlevel% == 0 goto A :A exit 110 if %errorlevel% == 1 goto B :B exit 100 Script's directory - C:\Program Files\Veritas\cluster s...

Resolved! Unable to go offline

Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem when I try to take offline a Service Group, the issue is that one of the services of the service group, cannot go offline and it enters into the following state "Unable to offline|Status Unknow", and if I wanna this...

Disk group not imported

SFHA 5.1 SP2 , Win2008 64-bit, with sql2008 and  disaster recovery configuration with global cluster manager The point is that due to unknown disk error during evacuating a cluster disk, a cluster disk group in the recovery site cannot be imported b...

ChrisKar by Level 3
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Resolved! Deporting/Importing Disk Group in VMware.

Hello. I am running SFHA 5.1 in a VMware environment. I created a 2 node cluster and the nodes failover perfectly. However when i create a disk group on a shared bus and deport it from the current node. It does not show up for importing in the other ...

Umair_K by Level 2
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SFW 5.1 on Windows2008 display wrong disk name

Hi,   I installed SFW 5.1 SP2 on Win2008 R2 x64 with the VVR option. The problem I have is that windows explorer show all the disk label name as "Local Disk" whereas in VEA it display them as the internal name of the disk, which is what I want. I hav...

neoluu by Not applicable
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Resolved! Installing Veritas Cluster

Dear all we are in the process of installing veritas cluster and storage foundation and we have Netapp Storage,do we need shared LUN to install Veritas Cluster?.Right now im trying to connect LUN and there are two options one is dedicated and anoth...