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Resolved! vxprint output description

Hi I am nwbie in vxvm, I want to understand a scenario,Kindly help me on this,   a) In this vxprint o/p, what does these 4 plexes means.. which type of RAID configuration it is, if there are 2 plexes or 5 plexes what  would be the RAID configuratio...

Resolved! Regarding deporting/importing disk in vxvm

Team,   Just a small question, Server X and Y are in cluster with shared DG Suppose  a server X shows appdg free space in 100GB and in Y server Disks are showing in deported state. Do the size of the appdg shows the same after importing it to Y ...

Resolved! How to check disk size in vxvm 4.1.

Hi root@stpsn180# vxdg -g jsdg free DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS emcdisk01    c3t1d151s2   c3t1d151     6497280   217436160 - emcdisk02    c3t1d152s2   c3t1d152     189592320 34341120  - emcdisk05    c3t1d155s...

Resolved! Solaris OS compatibility for SFHA Version 4.1

Hi All, Arch=Sparc OS=Solaris 10 Release=3/05 Initial Release SFHA=VCS,VxVM,VxFS Version=4.1 I'm planning to upgrade Solaris host from Initial Release to Latest Release (Solaris 10 1/13 Update 11). Also the host is running VxVM,VxFS & VCS ev...

Veritas Storage Foundation Under Xen Virtual Machines

Hi, I have been some problems with a virtual servers using xen virtualization servers.   I found this article about support Veritas under Xen, but It's a old article, there are any updates about SF under Xen?

presuntinho by Level 3
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Resolved! Disk group free space calculation

Hi  root@murray # vxdg -g RMTSTP01_ora_arch_dg free DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS RMLS01_ora_arch_dg01 emcpower16s2 emcpower16   140509184 85915904  >>>>>>>>>>>140509184*512/1024 = 67 GB - calculated RMLS01_ora_...

Resolved! Disk/ DG name missing

I have a question regarding  VG name.  One of the DG was missing and this DG had only one disk. When I looked at the disk list, DISK was missing too.  The reason DG is missing since it had only one disk and all the private and prublic info gone.  Am ...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! Question on volume state

hi, a last thing. if i enable an volume vxvol init enable,then could i mount it?what is the difference between an enabled and active volume?         thanks so much.

Resolved! Flag status unknown

Hi All,   I am trying to configure the nfs under VCS and getting the Flag status unknown error for NFSRestart service. So can you please suggest me the solution to this problem.   Attached is the screenshot of the vcs console and configur...

Resolved! Doubts on VxVM,VCS Upgrade & root disk encapsulation

Hi All, I have the below queries please 1) In order to stop VxVM to load at system boot time, we need to modify /etc/system file.    What entries are to be commented out ?    Is it only rootdev:/pseudo/vxio@0:0 set vxio:vol_rootdev_is_volume=1 ...

Resolved! How to break root disk Mirror in VxVM

Hi All bash-3.00# vxprint -g rootdg -vh rootvol TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS   STATE    TUTIL0  PUTIL0 v  rootvol      root         ENABLED  60821952 -        ACTIVE   -       - pl rootvol-01   rootvol      ENABLED  60821...

Resolved! Setting up Solaris ACLs on VxFS Mount-points

Hi All, I'm having Solaris 10 3/05 Release on Sparc Machine which contains VxFS mount-points. I tried to define default ACL permissions which can be set on directories to the mount-points also, but couldn't accomplish my task.   My requirement is...