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Resolved! vxprint output description

Hi I am nwbie in vxvm, I want to understand a scenario,Kindly help me on this,   a) In this vxprint o/p, what does these 4 plexes means.. which type of RAID configuration it is, if there are 2 plexes or 5 plexes what  would be the RAID configuratio...

Resolved! New filesystem creation in vxvm

We have a request of creation of new filesystem  /RMLS01/oradata5---> Add this new mount point  of 252GB   # vxassist -g RMTSTP01_ora_data_dg maxsize Maximum volume size: 999329792 (487954Mb)   When we checked the free space 487954Mb/1024 = 476...

Resolved! Regarding deporting/importing disk in vxvm

Team,   Just a small question, Server X and Y are in cluster with shared DG Suppose  a server X shows appdg free space in 100GB and in Y server Disks are showing in deported state. Do the size of the appdg shows the same after importing it to Y ...

Resolved! new filesystem creation

Server is in contriol of Vxvm, We have to create a new filesystem wind_index1 in oradatadg diskgroup. Task to do : On Server sydney, please add a new mount point /wind_index1 of 91GB.   Free size availavbe is 109 GB in disk group ora_datadg Belo...

Resolved! File system resizing in vxvm

Hi, We have to increase size of below filesystem. by 100GB however, I am confused which disk and diskgroup I have to check. When I checeked vaultdg41 I found 6 GB of space free. But, when I checked vxprint o/p it shows volume v41 with subdisk emcpo...

Resolved! Issue while Extending file system in vxvm

Hi, I have a case as below, Please extend below file systems from 30G to 50G on server island. /dev/vx/dsk/VRP_PRD_ora_data_dg/sapdata2    30G    15G    14G    52%    /oracle/VRP/sapdata2 /dev/vx/dsk/VRP_PRD_ora_data_dg/sapdata4    30G    15G    ...

Resolved! Disk group free space calculation

Hi  root@murray # vxdg -g RMTSTP01_ora_arch_dg free DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS RMLS01_ora_arch_dg01 emcpower16s2 emcpower16   140509184 85915904  >>>>>>>>>>>140509184*512/1024 = 67 GB - calculated RMLS01_ora_...

Resolved! Manually addition of subdisk in vxvm

Hi, We have to some space in the disk, and we found that in our environment, one subdisk is using in two volumes which is under same disk group (Vaultdg) We have found out one subdisk which is free and can be added manually. Shall we proceed to ad...

Resolved! Gab membership showing two instances

Hi, I configured VCS  6.0 in Sol 10, when i put gabconfig -a command it shows the below status,I am not able to get it why it is showing 2 membership, it should be one, please state its reason and help to resolve it. bash-3.00# /sbin/gabconfig -a ...

Resolved! Patching in Sol 10 x86 server

I want to do patching in my sol 10 x86 server. architechture: i86pc  bash-3.00# uname -a SunOS maa 5.10 Generic_142910-17 i86pc i386 i86pc ============================================== Kindly tell the link to download the patch  and its steps t...

Encapsulating a disk

Hi,  I have set up a  new x86 server with Sol 10 and did a fresh installation of vxvm in that however, I have 2 disks in OS when I tried to online a root disk in vxvm it is not picking up. I tried to encapsulate the root disk, it says that disk is ...

SFHA version upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0

Environment 1: OS = RHEL 5.3 SFHA 5.0 MP4RP1 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR site)   Environment 2: OS = RHEL 5.0 SFHA 5.0 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR sit...

Resolved! what's the mean of vxstat about write

vxvm 5.1rp1  on solaris 10,   vxstat output:                             OPERATIONS           BLOCKS        AVG TIME(ms) TYP NAME               READ     WRITE      READ     WRITE   READ  WRITE  2013-06-31 00:15:06 nodename vol vol1    678082  1094217...

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Resolved! data conversion activity SVM to VERITAS

Hi, I want perform SVM to VERITAS data conversion activity. means we have /dev/md/dsk/d30 as /oracle FS that same FS we have converted to VXVM as /dev/vx/dsk/oradg/oracle (encapsulation) without losing any single KB. can u tell me what are the stpes...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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need understand vxrpint concat for mutiple plex

Hi, I am having difficuty to understand vxprint output: v-bash-4.1# vxprint Disk group: testdg TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS   STATE    TUTIL0  PUTIL0 dg testdg       testdg       -        -        -        -        -    ...

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Resolved! Mounting a Volume after reboot

Hello list   I want to learn more about Veritas Storage Foundation Basic. First to test if will be useful for my projects and second to get the knowledge. It hink it could be very useful on a larger XEN environment Step one So under VMware Worksation...

Resolved! Data Migration to new storage.

Hi I have VxVM3.5 and we are planning to migrate the data to new storage. As per my knowledge we need to add newdisk to existing dg and then we need to do vxmirror i.e /usr/sbin/vxassist -g <dgname> mirror <volumename> alloc=newdisk1,newdisk2.  we ...