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Resolved! VMAX 3 support in Storage Foundation / DMP

Does anybody have information if / when Storage Foundation supports the new VMAX 3? The HCL only lists the "VMAX Series", and as the VMAX 3 is significantly different from the old VMAX, I am not sure if it is covered or not. 

Resolved! Solaris OS compatibility for SFHA Version 4.1

Hi All, Arch=Sparc OS=Solaris 10 Release=3/05 Initial Release SFHA=VCS,VxVM,VxFS Version=4.1 I'm planning to upgrade Solaris host from Initial Release to Latest Release (Solaris 10 1/13 Update 11). Also the host is running VxVM,VxFS & VCS ev...

Support using SFHA 6.1 for Java GUIs

Can Symantec clarify Support for SFHA 6.1 for Java GUIs: "Veritas Enterprise Administrator 3.4.30 READ ME (Solaris)" from  says: SUPPORTED PLATFORMS ----------------------------------- Operating System...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Resolved! Share Filesystems between SCO Openserver and AIX with SF V6

Hello, I would like to share FS between SCO Openserver v6 and AIX (+ Basic Storage Foundation V6.0.3). I created some filesytems on SCO Openserver and maps this LUN to a AIX servers (using SAN capabilities). The servers didn't share the same LUN in t...

TALIS2 by Level 2
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Resolved! SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5

Hi, The same way SF6.0.x cannot install before the patch, SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5. Do you know if a patch exists and is going to be published ?   Thanks

Resolved! SF 6.0 does not recognize SF 4.1 Version 120 simple disk?

I am currently preparing to exchange two old SLES 9 systems by new SLES 11 machines. These new ones have SF 6.0 Basic and are able to see and read (dd) the disks currently being in production by the SLES9 systems (SAN FC ones). The disks are Version ...

ursi by Level 4
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Resolved! Mount HP-UX VXFS 6 filesystem on Redhat Linux Server?

Here goes: I have a need to migrate a numebr of large files from several servers to a linux based system from HP-UX 11.23. The data resides on VXFS version 6 filesystems on san storage. I have found LVM tools that allow me to make the MVM structures ...

jplangan by Not applicable
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Resolved! Can VVR Support HACMP Environment?

1)aix6.1+hacmp 2)ds5000 array   Want to use VVR to replication oracle data volume to DR site,but servers is running HACMP,won't use VCS.... My question is that VVR Supports HACMP Environment?If yes,can you share the docs or URL?   Thanks! RL  

RickyLeung by Level 4
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Symantec Availablity Solutions on Cloud

Hi,   Would just like to know if the following solutions can be implemented via cloud? SF, VCS, VVR, VOM and APPHA. A client has their own private cloud and wants to create their DR via cloud as well. They are looking at our solution to help them imp...

Resolved! VxFS fails after update to RHEL 6.3

Hi, I'm seeing a problem with vxportal kernel module failing to load upon boot after upgrading RHEL 6.1 to 6.3. SFHA is on 6.0. I found a technote ( but it does not seem to be this RHEL bug. I've noticed that n...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Posssible problem with new Bourne shell in Redhat 6.2?

Hello, the /bin/sh in RHEL 6 seems to have a different behaviour now than in earlier releases. While previous versions of /bin/sh accepted negative arguments to the built-in "return", this no longer seems to be the case with current /bin/sh in RHEL 6...

jf7640 by Level 3
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SF V5.0 and Oracle 11R2 (

Hello, I have a question related to the support for Oracle 11R2 ( on SF 5.0: - according "Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC and Veritas   Storage Foundation ClusterFile System for Oracle RAC   Support Matrix" (page 16) Oracle-RAC 1...

daivlfr by Not applicable
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Resolved! SF CFS for RAC on RHEL with Oracle 10G R2

Hi Everyone, I currently have Oracle 10G R2  running on SF CFS for RAC on RHEL 5. Considering that I want to move to SF RAC (the full suite where CRS is handled by VCS) without migrating to Oracle 11G, what options do I have?

shahfar by Level 5
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Resolved! Solaris Zone Root File System on CFS

I am curious if anyone has implemented non-global zone root file systems using CVM/CFS? More importantly, have you concurrently booted one zone on multiple cvm cluster nodes?  It is supported as part of 5.1 and the Solaris Virtualization guide for CF...

Resolved! ISCSI a Netapp

  Hello, SF 5.1SP1 is not supported with NetApp iscsi. What a surprise as EMC ISCSI with CX or VNX is supported.   Do you have an idea about de delay which the HCL will include NetApp ISCSI and SF (linux)   regards, Herve

Resolved! Need help

Hi Friend, we have veritas volume manager 4.4(version) installed in the linux machine. I need to know is it possible to use EMC clariion SAN disks.   Thanks Prabhu