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Resolved! Replacing a shared disk group for stroage migration

Can any one post the steps to replacing a disk that has shared dg group on CFS cluster on HP unix service guard with the below existing attributes. layout=mirror mirror=2 mirror=enclr enclr=emc0 enclr=emc1 logtype=dco dcoversion=20 ndcomirror=2 dr1=...

billa07 by Level 2
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After vxvmconvert

Before running vxvmconvert, there is this pvscan PV /dev/sdb1   VG VG_DATA   lvm2 [150.00 GiB / 50.00 GiB free]   After running vxvmconvert the above is NOT reported by pvscan, as expected. This is reported: vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE      ...

Resolved! Vxdisk shows disk error on secondary cluster

Hello ppl,   I need quick help to understand the below situation as i am a bit new to VCS world .   We have a global cluster running with 2 nodes on each site . Primary side (2) and secondary site 2.   The secondary site however is complete idl...

rash193 by Level 2
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Resolved! how to change a DISKID?

I have one broken DG: vxprint -hqt Disk group: somedg dg somedg  default      default  11000    1364281050.8.localhost dm disk1 disk1 auto 65536 2147417808 - dm disk2 -   -        -        -        NODEVICE v  vol01        -...

Resolved! LUN removal in Solaris 10 10/09 with VxVM 5.1

Hello, I was assigned the removal of 86 unused LUNs in: # uname -a SunOS server 5.10 Generic_142900-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise # # cat /etc/release Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC Copyright 2009 Sun ...

ferocci by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrating to a new SAN

We're in the process of moving to new datacenters. All servers will be moved over but the SAN won't. The SAN will be replicated to a new SAN in the new datacenters by our SAN admins. That means, the LUNs in the new SAN will be identical to the old, a...

Resolved! failed to create a Veritas dg

Hi, I'm creating a DG with 6 LUNs. The LUNs have 1 TB each. The disks are as below: When you configure a disk error message appears: emc_clariion0_264 auto            -            -            nolabel emc_clariion0_265 auto     ...

msleite by Level 3
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Resolved! Storage foundation linux - increase lun

Hi All, I am new on storage foundation solution, and also on the company. I have a oracle database running storage foundation and i just need increase a database lun. Do i need to do something on storage foundation configuration? or can i just inc...

Resolved! What is the VDID

VOM uses the VDID obtained from VxVM to identify the array as so has identifed an Hitachi USP-V (actually the USP is rebadged as StorageTek 9990V) as: HITACHI_R600_SerialNo This is not useful as I don't know what R600 means, so I am trying to under...

mikebounds by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Veritas Storage Foundation Under Xen Virtual Machines

Hi, I have been some problems with a virtual servers using xen virtualization servers.   I found this article about support Veritas under Xen, but It's a old article, there are any updates about SF under Xen?

presuntinho by Level 3
Employee Certified
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Storace Exec 5.3 - File Content Signatures

Hi guys, running the now unsupported Storage Exec 5.2 HF 24. I'm trying to ensure that file content checking blocks e-mail files but there are no signatures in the registry for .msg files etc. Is it possible to create them? I assume they are some sor...

shocko by Level 4
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Resolved! Gab membership showing two instances

Hi, I configured VCS  6.0 in Sol 10, when i put gabconfig -a command it shows the below status,I am not able to get it why it is showing 2 membership, it should be one, please state its reason and help to resolve it. bash-3.00# /sbin/gabconfig -a ...