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Resolved! Upgrade Path

Hi, can I directly upgrade my SFRAC 6.0.3 to SFRAC 6.1.1 ? or do i have to upgrade it first to the BASE 6.1 before applying the MAINTENANCE RELEASE 6.1.1 ?

kwakou by Level 4
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Resolved! Migrating to a new SAN

We're in the process of moving to new datacenters. All servers will be moved over but the SAN won't. The SAN will be replicated to a new SAN in the new datacenters by our SAN admins. That means, the LUNs in the new SAN will be identical to the old, a...

Resolved! Storage Foundation with VCS migration

Dear Experts, We have SFHA CFS with VCS 5.0 running on 2xHP Rx6600 Itanium Server with Oracle DB cluster. We are using VVR to replicate Oralce prod DB to replicate to DR site. All these version as of now are 5.0. We want to migrate to new Rx2800 i2 ...

Contact to get again Veritas software - version 5.0 MP4

Hello,   In 2012 due to site accessing problem we have downloaded the Veritas software with temporary S/N provided by Symantec. Now we need to download again for a server re-instalaltion. Could you help where or how can we contact to get the softwa...

Truong by Level 3
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Veritas Storage Foundation Under Xen Virtual Machines

Hi, I have been some problems with a virtual servers using xen virtualization servers.   I found this article about support Veritas under Xen, but It's a old article, there are any updates about SF under Xen?

presuntinho by Level 3
Employee Certified
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Volume Manager 5.1sp1 vea gui

I have upgraded a solaris9 machine from vxvm 4 to 5.1sp1.  I followed the recommendations to install the VRSTobgui compents for VEA, since it's no longer packaged with 5.1.  /etc/init.d/isisd does not start on machine boot.  When I start it manually,...

ed724 by Level 3
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Resolved! How to re-configure a data disk into a VG

Hi Team, I have a AIX 5.3 server with veritas 5.1, on which 2 disks (hdisk 4,5) are part of oravg. with VXFS file system. All data residing on hdisk4 and mirror with hdisk5.   We had activity for replacing faulty disk 5 and I followed below steps. ...

Resolved! SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5

Hi, The same way SF6.0.x cannot install before the patch, SF6.1 cannot install on RHEL 6.5. Do you know if a patch exists and is going to be published ?   Thanks

Resolved! VERITAS SFHA on Oracle LDOMs

Hi, I want to have some best practices for implementing SFHA 6.0 on a 2-node T5-2 (Control Domain, Guest LDOM). Basically we would want to have a 2-node cluster on the Guest LDOMs (not on the control domains) and  we would install VCS in the Guest LD...

Installing SFRAC on Solaris 10 non-global zone

Hello,   I'm trying to install SF 5.1SP1RP2 on a Solaris 10 non-global zone. It fails saying: System verification did not complete successfully The following errors were discovered on the systems: myzone is running in a local zone. installsfrac onl...

Resolved! Looking for SF 5.0 for Linux 32 bit

Hi All,   I want to practise VCS and VxVM. I have a laptop which can support 32 bit. Could anyone help me to find the source from where I can download SF for 32 bit (trial).   Please: My objective is not to practise on simulator.   Thanks in advance....

ashy2k by Not applicable
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SFHA version upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0

Environment 1: OS = RHEL 5.3 SFHA 5.0 MP4RP1 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR site)   Environment 2: OS = RHEL 5.0 SFHA 5.0 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR sit...

Resolved! SFCFS 6.0 for linux - where are the bits?

I'm trying to do a fresh install of SFCFS 6.0 on RHEL 6, downloaded the file  VRTS_SF_HA_Solutions_6.0.2_RHEL.tar.gz from the "trailware" site and I have a valid license. The downloads page claims that file contains the SFCFS bits, but upon installat...

jeff4 by Level 2
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Resolved! SFHA install in Solaris 10 with Solaris 9 Branded Zone

We have install SFHA 5.1SP1RP3 in Solaris 10 update 10. When we configure the VCS zone agent to handle the Solaris 9 Branded Zone. It can online, offline the Solaris 9 Branded Zone in SFHA, but we see that Online the zone in agent, it show boot singl...

sfchan by Level 3
Accredited Certified
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SFHA 6.0.2 installation on RHEL 6.4

Environment: OS = Linux (RHEL 6.4) SFHA version 6.0.2 Kernel version = Linux secphoenix 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64   I am trying to install SFHA version 6.0.2 on RHEL 6.4 All required package dependencies were resolved. Checking system communication ........