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Resolved! Replacing a shared disk group for stroage migration

Can any one post the steps to replacing a disk that has shared dg group on CFS cluster on HP unix service guard with the below existing attributes. layout=mirror mirror=2 mirror=enclr enclr=emc0 enclr=emc1 logtype=dco dcoversion=20 ndcomirror=2 dr1=...

billa07 by Level 2
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Resolved! Upgrade Path

Hi, can I directly upgrade my SFRAC 6.0.3 to SFRAC 6.1.1 ? or do i have to upgrade it first to the BASE 6.1 before applying the MAINTENANCE RELEASE 6.1.1 ?

kwakou by Level 4
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Veritas Cluster addition

Hi All,   In our environment we are having 8 node Veritas cluster sharing a Filesystem in all servers, and now we have request to add 8 more nodes to the existing cluster. So please provide the steps as well the best way to complete the setup.   ...

Resolved! filesystems inside disk group

hi all, I am trying to find out if a particular filesystem which belongs to a disk group can be taken offline and mounted on another host, we have a disk group which has file systems for 5 databases, i am checking if a couple of filesystems belonging...

jonujoy by Not applicable
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Resolved! HP 3PAR StorServ 7000/10000 and VxDMP 3.5 / 4

I was wondering if anyone has experience using HP 3PAR StorServ 7000 / 10000 (V Class) with VxDMP 3.5, or 4.  It seems that these arrays are supported out of the box with 5 and 6.  In previous versions, the libvx3par ASL is available or embedded, but...

Resolved! lun over 2TB got error status from vxdisk list

Hi,   I have tried to bring up this lun for 2 days, and got nearly no progress, sometimes the lun can be online, but if I try to use vxdisksetup to setup it, it would become error again, I am really despairing, I hope someone can help me to solve thi...

Resolved! CVM/CFS on Solaris

Dear All, I would like to create a VCS cluster of 2 nodes that will have the CFS mounted on both of them. Once the CFS is mounted into the cluster I want to get it shared to the system that is not part of VCS cluster. My question is it possible if no...

Resolved! Trouble in sudo rule

Hi All, Its not the veritas Issue I need to configure sudo for a below activity, Its working fine User_Alias      NOC_L1_USER = baj33, edg246 Host_Alias      NOC_L1_HST = ch02520 Cmnd_Alias      NOC_L1_CMD = /bin/su - root -c /usr/bin/dsmc q backup...

VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8561 ddl_fill_dmp_info:

Hi community, Recently there was a project to add a new EMC AX4-5 enclosure on top of the existing AX4-5 Enclosure (a new array of disks). Current cluster is a 6 blade cluster where all blades share the same LUNs (partitions) using VCSFS and PowerPat...

Resolved! Need help

Hi Friend, we have veritas volume manager 4.4(version) installed in the linux machine. I need to know is it possible to use EMC clariion SAN disks.   Thanks Prabhu

Resolved! How to recover volume

df -k in solaris, vol01 was I/O error. After replaced diskarray controller. The vol01 still can not been used. How to do next using vxvm to recover volume? Maybe use command vxrecover?   Thank you

Resolved! Disk Failure in Shared Disk Group configuration!!!

Hi Experts, If we create a shared disk group with detach policy as 'local' and fail policy as 'leave', what will be the consequences if a disk on which a mirrored plex is situated, fails or corrupts fully. That is, the disk now is wiped out. I have...

Jbert by Level 4
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Resolved! Host based Migration in VxVM5.1

Hi We have VxVM 3.5 running on solaris 9 and it is connected to Symmetrix CLARION, Now We are planning to migrate the data from symmetrix to EMC VMAX through host based migration. Action Plan 1) Upgrade VxVm 3.5 to 5.1 2) Peform Host based...

Resolved! SFRAC

Hello all, Need your inputs to see what we really need? :) Environment: Oracle RAC 11Gr2 on Linux with Netapp backup. Need to write to 2 netapp at the same time for data mirroring (Frame mirroring). We have been told Oracle ASM will not be able to ...

Resolved! Disk Error

Dear All, Below is the error messages  i am getting from my server root@gtsun3 # vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE      DISK         GROUP        STATUS c0t0d0s2     sliced    rootdisk     rootdg       online failing c1t0d0s2     sliced    c1t0d0s2    ...

Mamady123 by Not applicable
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Resolved! VXVM needs license ... please help

Dear all,  i have installed VXVM 5.0 basic on my Virtual machine (Solaris 5.10) when i tried to mount the volume, i have received this error "UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-25255: mount: You don't have a license to run this program" is there any way...