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Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me in understanding how does this product work and how is it licensed? Any document/link/licensing guide for the same will be of great help. Correct me if i am wrong, this is now Infoscale? I dont want to get in ...

Resolved! Storage Foundation with VCS migration

Dear Experts, We have SFHA CFS with VCS 5.0 running on 2xHP Rx6600 Itanium Server with Oracle DB cluster. We are using VVR to replicate Oralce prod DB to replicate to DR site. All these version as of now are 5.0. We want to migrate to new Rx2800 i2 ...

Resolved! Storage Foundation License Tiering

I'm going through some old license purchases, and i've come across a substantial number of Storage Foundation Standard licenses of various license tiers. It also looks like some of the purchases were made on one tiering system (1A, 4C etc), and othe...

Contact to get again Veritas software - version 5.0 MP4

Hello,   In 2012 due to site accessing problem we have downloaded the Veritas software with temporary S/N provided by Symantec. Now we need to download again for a server re-instalaltion. Could you help where or how can we contact to get the softwa...

Truong by Level 3
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Resolved! Licensing for point in time copy on Oracle RAC

In my organization we have Oracle RAC running on RedHat Enterprise Linux and need to create a policy of data protection with continuous data protection.   It is possible to do using only the Storage Foundation Enterprise for Linux or need additional ...

Veritas Volume Manager 4_DG restoration

Hi I have a node which is SUN E2900 where SUN storage 6130 is connected.Veritas volume manager was configured in that node.Server's internal hard disks were under VXVM.Apart from that other DG were created by using the storage disk.Now thing is that ...

Resolved! License and server migration

Hi Guys,    I have a SUN 6500 with Storage Foundation standar license, this server is going to be migrated to a M8000. Can I use the same license on SUN M8000 ? or I need to pay for an upgrade or a new license?   Regards

Resolved! Licensing question about tiers and rewards band

Greetings, I got a document on my desk with all our Unix and Linux SFHA licenses. My boss asked me to verify that these are active and should be renewed. To be able to do this I need to know what the license names mean.   These are some of the licens...

Resolved! how to license

Hello, Can a customer license a subset of CPU's on a single physical server? It is a multi-tenant server and only one customer needs the functionality that is hosted on the server. Product is Veritas Storage Foundation 4.1 (MP4) for Linux - 32bit Tha...

vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)

I know there is an app built into NetBackup 7.1 for VADP The question is: is there a license or licenses required to enable the feature? And if so where can I find the details? I am building a Master/Media server using Linux RedHat 5 it that helps.  

saathoff by Not applicable
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Resolved! Going from Storage Foundation Standard (v4) to Basic?

We have a number of systems which were purchased a long time ago with SF Standard.  There is no need for use to have Standard since they are within the parameters of needing only Basic (CPUs <=2, vol/fs's <= 4).  Is there any way to "convert" to a Ba...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Resolved! Veritas SF licenses on Solaris zone/containers

Hi all, I have a question regarding Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 Basic licenses on Solaris 10 zones/containers. The scenario : We are planning to buy a Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 Basic license for our SUN T5440 server (4 CPUs, 32 cores). On thi...

posie80 by Level 4
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Resolved! SF/HA Solaris 5.0MP3 Trialware

I've downloaded the above product, and will soon obtain licenses for it.  Do I just need to input the licensing information and it will become fully-licensed, or do I need to download a different set of binaries?

Resolved! VXVM needs license ... please help

Dear all,  i have installed VXVM 5.0 basic on my Virtual machine (Solaris 5.10) when i tried to mount the volume, i have received this error "UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-25255: mount: You don't have a license to run this program" is there any way...

Resolved! Need SF 5 MP! - Fileconnect has MP3

I have a customer that has to download SF HA MP1 for Solaris but the File connect site always shows the latest (MP3). Anyone know where/how to get the older release?

eforce2g by Not applicable
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