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InfoScale 7.1 and large disks (8Tb) with FSS

Hi everyone, I had been successfully running FSS with (thin) 8Tb disk drives on SFCFSHA 6.1 and 6.2.1 (see: I am trying to reproduce the same kind of setup with InfoScal...

Veritas Volume migration onto new Disk

Hello all ,   Can anyone please suggest how to migrate these volumes to new disk . The new DM disk are  emc1_1660 & emc2_1661 . I am looking for options to create mirror first with the new disk  & then disassociate/remove the old plex.    dg dg_...

Resolved! Calculate vxfs millisecond delay

We have a Netbackup master server cluster, the catalog/DB is sitting on a vxfs volume.  There is a case open currently with Veritas and they have found massive delays (40 seconds!) at backup peak time on the Sybase database and have recommended we d...

Chris_W by Level 4
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Resolved! Import disk group failure

Hello everyone!  When I finished disk group configuration, I cannot find disk group until I imported by manual,but after rebooting server,I couldn't find the disk group only if I imported again.following are my operations.Also the RVG was DISABLED un...

After vxvmconvert

Before running vxvmconvert, there is this pvscan PV /dev/sdb1   VG VG_DATA   lvm2 [150.00 GiB / 50.00 GiB free]   After running vxvmconvert the above is NOT reported by pvscan, as expected. This is reported: vxdisk list DEVICE       TYPE      ...

Resolved! SFCFSHA 6.2 : DG in unknown status

Hi all, On a 2 nodes system I did a fresh installation of SFCFSHA 6.2. There's an IBM array with shared Luns. There's only one path. Linux are 6.7 64bit built identically. After installation, llt failed to start. So I installed also the MR and pa...

Resolved! Cross Cable in Storage Foundation

Hi,   I have 2 master servers that they are connected through cross cables (cluster). I would like to know what´s the reason for that (and I if can remove one of them).      

Resolved! After upgrade cvmvoldg fails for all diskgroups

Hi, after upgrading my SFHA 6.1 cluster from Rhel6.5 to Rhel 6.7 and SFHA to 6.1.1-300 , cvm is online, but cvmvoldg fails to startup for all diskgroups. (the installer ended with message ...successful....) Information in /var/log/messages...

AlexBP by Level 2
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Resolved! Not able to install (cpi-Patch-, cpi-Patch-, gab-rhel5_x86_64-Patch-

My Environment SFHA Version = 6.1 installed RHEL Version = 5.6 installed Query I am able to install following 3 patches but could not able to install others ( cpi-Patch-, cpi-Patch-, gab-rhel5_x86_64-Patch-6.1....

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Upgrade of server

Hi all ! I have some outdated RHEL5 installations with older vxfs 5.xx on. Some weeks back I popped out one of the mirrored OS disks and installed both RHEL7 and vxfs 6.2.1. I found no way to mount the old filsystems after the installation was don...

Resolved! Query about cache volume and cache object

Hi I am creating a cache, but it is failing can you please suggest what's wrong with this??   # vxassist -g versant_vg make versant_CACHE 19.8 VxVM vxassist INFO V-5-1-13572 Volume length rounded-up to 32 so that#012#011it is a multiple of the di...

arun660 by Level 3
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Resolved! SFHA/DR with 2 replications

Environment Primary Site = 2 nodes DR Site = 1 node OS = RHEL 5.x SFHA version = 5.1 SP1 Replication connectivity = on Layer-II Query Primary Site is going to move to a new site. This required around 20 hours downtime in moving the hardware fr...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! VVR Replication configuration

HI Guys,   I am configuring the replication with our 2 node cluster using cluster. but when  adding the node is giving the error. i am not able to get proper logs also in engine.log and RVG.log. please help.   [root@AOSCEDA01 ~]# vradmin -g jceda...

lazaur by Level 4
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