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Resolved! Replacing a shared disk group for stroage migration

Can any one post the steps to replacing a disk that has shared dg group on CFS cluster on HP unix service guard with the below existing attributes. layout=mirror mirror=2 mirror=enclr enclr=emc0 enclr=emc1 logtype=dco dcoversion=20 ndcomirror=2 dr1=...

billa07 by Level 2
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Resolved! Howto recover vxdg with only one side of mirrors

Hi Had a mirror between to SAN arrays A + B on an older solaris 7/32b + vxvm 3.1, which needs to migrate to new vxdmp version. Shut solaris 7 down, moved SAN B luns to new solaris 10 + vxvm 5.0, which now fails to import vxdg's, even after running ...

Resolved! Replacing/Restoring Failed Drive

Yestarday, I had two drives in my storage san fail.  The san monitor reports that all the physical drives are fine. bash-2.03# vxdisk list | grep AMS AMS_WMS0_0   auto:cdsdisk    remote996006  remote9960   online AMS_WMS0_1   auto:cdsdisk    remot...

Neobane by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrating to a new SAN

We're in the process of moving to new datacenters. All servers will be moved over but the SAN won't. The SAN will be replicated to a new SAN in the new datacenters by our SAN admins. That means, the LUNs in the new SAN will be identical to the old, a...

Recover deleted file

Hello.   I've a vxfs filesystem (vxfs 5.0). Yesterday I've accidentally deleted a directory containing about 1000 files. Today I've remounted the filesystem readonly; I want to try to recover that deleted files (if they are not already overridden...

Resolved! Can't initialize Volume after disk replacement

I need to initialize one of my volumes but it tells me that I can't becuase it says: # vxvol -g ccs-data -f init zero pdfformsvol VxVM vxvol ERROR V-5-1-1212 Volume pdfformsvol has plexes that are not EMPTY v pdfformsvol - DISABLED CLE...

Storage Foundation (Storage Checkpoints on Oracle)

Hello Experts (if you're out there)   I'm running Oracle 11gR2 on Rhel 6.2 with SFHA 6.0.x and have configured the SFDB and can take checkpoints and restore them. But this doens't really mean my database is up and running again. Once you restore fr...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! How to use fsdb to repair VxFS file system?

The symantec offcial Manaul page of fsdb command is very simple with little information about its usage. Is there any guide to use fsdb command on all OS platform (i.e. AIX, HPUX ,Linux etc...) ? How to use fsdb to repair VxFS file system? My ult...

xhawk by Level 4
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Resolved! How to break root disk Mirror in VxVM

Hi All bash-3.00# vxprint -g rootdg -vh rootvol TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS   STATE    TUTIL0  PUTIL0 v  rootvol      root         ENABLED  60821952 -        ACTIVE   -       - pl rootvol-01   rootvol      ENABLED  60821...

Recover data after vxdisksetup

Hello,   I have the following situation: Mistakenly, an administrator has issued a vxdisksetup -i -f to an existing disk. The vxdisk -e list shows the disk online, but no dg, volumes (as expected after the vxdisksetup command) Is it possible to recov...

Resolved! Required some inputs for VCS functions...

As we are in phase to built a DR project for Enterprise Vault.We have some quries for the same... 1) Once the data is replicated to DR, is there any way in VCS to check for integrity of the replicated data? 2) Copying vault store partitions to new st...

Resolved! Mount HP-UX VXFS 6 filesystem on Redhat Linux Server?

Here goes: I have a need to migrate a numebr of large files from several servers to a linux based system from HP-UX 11.23. The data resides on VXFS version 6 filesystems on san storage. I have found LVM tools that allow me to make the MVM structures ...

jplangan by Not applicable
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Veritas disk showing error state

vxdisk list | grep sdka sdtq         auto            -            -            error   ( The above disk is used for BCV Import Jobs and is in error state. Unable to initialise with read lvm headers blocks)   vxdisk list sdka Device:    sdka devic...

kunal2002 by Not applicable
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Troubleshooting a "failed" disk

Hello all, First things first, I have looked at this article to try and solve my problem, without success. My server is configured this way: SunOS hunahpu 5.9 Generic_122300-45 sun4u sparc SUNW,Netra-T12 System Configuration: Sun Microsystems  sun4u ...

Resolved! The output of fsadm...

Hi there, I want to ask what's the meaning of 'blocks used for indirects', and how is it calculated. On RHEL5.7 # /opt/VRTS/bin/fsadm -D -E /ocr1   Directory Fragmentation Report              Dirs        Total      Immed    Immeds   Dirs to   Block...

Weny by Level 3
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