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Resolved! How to extend Disk in VXVM

HI,   I have 1 Lun with size 120GB, on that LUN we have 1 Disk group with 4 DB volume, now i want to extend the size of "DISK" not DG nor Volume.Can i extend Disk size from 120 G B to 200 GB??? If yes, thn please share POA also... Thanks in Advan...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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CFS umount abnormally

  Hi everyone!   I have ten SFCFS nodes on the same version of AIX OS platform with SFRAC 5.1SP1RP3. This SFCFS cluster has two CFS resources which running on all nodes.Recently, I encounter a very strange problem for service group sg-cfs-mount01 o...

ZhangYi2012 by Level 2
Partner Accredited Certified
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SFHA group offline and cannot get mounted

on linux rhel 5.5, using Storage Foundation and HA.  having problems with a disk group.  cannot get enabled on primary server.  how do i enable either using command line or using the gui?

JoanK by Not applicable
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Resolved! Is volume relayout command possible ?

Hello. I need your help . I wonder if  relayout command will be available for work. ( Stripe layout, ncol=14 to stripe layout, ncol=7  ) I will use the following command.: ( volume relayout ncol 14 -> ncol 7 ) # vxassist -g ccrmapvg01 relayout lvol0...

taesun by Level 3
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CFSumount hangs on RHEL6.1 with veritas 5.1SP1PR2

Hello, I'm using two RHEL6.1 servers with veritas 5.1SP1PR2 cluster file system. Cluster starts ok and I can switch services to other node etc but when I execute commands hastop -local or hastop -all then the cluster hangs. It even makes one of the n...

jani by Level 3
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Resolved! Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System

I have 2 linux node on that i need to install Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System and after that created the share file system /data1 should be on shared storage and be available on two cluster nodes simultaneously as shared file systems. ...

suchit by Level 3
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VCS Fire Drill - dmpnodename

Hi, I have a problem testing VCS Fire Drill setup on HP-UX 11i i v3 We have a global cluster environment, and trying to test a Bronze fire drill config. I created fire drill service group manualy. When I try to bring FD service group online, the foll...

ZKing by Not applicable
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Resolved! SF CFS for RAC without GCO option

Hi Everyone, I have a cluster setup where I have a 2 node primary SF CFS for RAC cluster (for RHEL) and a single node as DR for the same. I am suing VVR to replicate the volumes accross to DR. I do not have the GCO option license. My question is, wha...

shahfar by Level 5
Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Splitting large CFS cluster

Hiya, I've been tasked with splitting are large CFS cluster (SLES11/SFS 5.1), no application service groups thankfully, just CFS sg's... I've identified where the splits can be made and the first task will be to take 2 nodes out of the large cluster ...

Resolved! How to recover volume

df -k in solaris, vol01 was I/O error. After replaced diskarray controller. The vol01 still can not been used. How to do next using vxvm to recover volume? Maybe use command vxrecover?   Thank you

Resolved! I need VxFS5.0 & VxVM 5.0 for RHEL5 i686

Hi, I am getting frustrated with the 'Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server High Availability Solutions'  Version and it's OS and Platform compatibility. I need you kind help. I have the following infrastructure: OS: RHEL 5 #uname -a Linux...

Resolved! CVM 4.1 Master Role

Is there any way to choose the next CVM master?   Who would become the next CVM master when vsfcbe4 stops it's CVM SG? Can I change a config file to make, let us say, sjmemfs07 the next CVM master? Here is my nidmap as fed from vxclustadm: # vxcl...