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clone disk group

Greetings,I need to migrate disk groups between hosts. The current aging server runs vxvm 5.x on solaris 10. The proposed work loads are to be taken on by a combination of Solaris 11 and Solaris 10 logocal domains, split between application and datab...

mbarlow by Level 3
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Resolved! VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group nbu_dg: import failed:No valid disk found containing disk group

Hi, I have a 2 node netbackup cluster(VCS). Earlier today I migrated a volume from an old storage array to a new storage array. How I did it is: 1. Present new Disk into the hosts 2. Scan for new disk on OS level 3. Scan for new disk on Veritas ...

Bongz_83 by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! volume set expand process

I have a volume set and i wanted to expand that. There are 2 volumes in the volume set. I expanded first volume by vxassist -g growby 2048m and then i found the volume set mount not expanded when i did df -kh. Please suggest how to expand a vo...

Resolved! How to remove a Quick i/o file on solaris?

Hi All ,    we have a running solaris and veritas quick i/o files for oracle 9i database . The files no longer exist in the database but somehow exist in the file system . How do we remove the veritas files from the filesystem ?           lr...

nalini by Level 2
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Resolved! Upgrade from 5.1 to 6.0.5 - problem with NIC resource

Hi, all. Just upgrade an S10 cluster running 5.1SP1 to 6.0.5. For the NIC resource, we have a red question mark, and in the logs:  NIC:nic:monitor:Cannot use IPv4 network host [IP deleted] for ping since Protocol is set to IPV4. Resource state: UNK...

Encapsulation issue on VxVM6.1

Hello, We are running  Solaris  X 86 and added to virtual disk and trying to mirror the  root disk, but getting this error message.     Continue with encapsulation? [y,n,q,?]  (default: y)   A new disk group rootdg will be created and the disk d...

mokkan by Level 6
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Resolved! grow fs ufs

Hi guru. I would like to grow a file system UFS managed by VxVM by 5GB # df -h /opt/sybase/data     Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on     /dev/vx/dsk/datadg/lv_nms_data                             89G    74G    14G  ...

tgenova by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to mirror devices due to disk offset issues

Hi all,   I'm in the middle of a storage migration project. I'm moving volumes from one storage system to another with mirroring. The OS is Solaris 10 update 11 and Storage Foundation version is 6.1 (latest patch level).   While trying to mirro...

yairza7 by Level 2
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Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me in understanding how does this product work and how is it licensed? Any document/link/licensing guide for the same will be of great help. Correct me if i am wrong, this is now Infoscale? I dont want to get in ...

Resolved! VxVM Migrate Data and remove the disk

Hello Friends,   We have Veritas Volume Manger (4.1) configured in Solaris 10... We have a disk group:  where there are two local disks along with several SAN Disks... I am looking for a way to migrate the data/volumes in the local disk to SAN Disk...

Resolved! need to rename volume with all objects

    I want to rename the below volume trans1-proddata_-01 to trans1-proddata_-01-temp   vt trans1-proddata_-01 - ENABLED  ACTIVE   1 v  trans1-proddata_-01_tier1 trans1-proddata_-01_orig ENABLED ACTIVE 419430400 SELECT - fsgen pl trans1-proddat...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! Vxdisk shows disk error on secondary cluster

Hello ppl,   I need quick help to understand the below situation as i am a bit new to VCS world .   We have a global cluster running with 2 nodes on each site . Primary side (2) and secondary site 2.   The secondary site however is complete idl...

rash193 by Level 2
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Resolved! vxprint output description

Hi I am nwbie in vxvm, I want to understand a scenario,Kindly help me on this,   a) In this vxprint o/p, what does these 4 plexes means.. which type of RAID configuration it is, if there are 2 plexes or 5 plexes what  would be the RAID configuratio...

Resolved! All Veritas Packages Failed to Install

Hello Im a newbie to veritas. I tried installing it to Solaris 11. 5.11 and got the following:   VRTSperl package failed to install on ldom5 VRTSvlic package failed to install on ldom5 VRTSspt package failed to install on ldom5 VRTSvxvm package...

UFS to VxVM not working after encapsulation

Hi Gurus, I am running SOlaris 64Bit, and installed VxVM 6.2 Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 s10s_u11wos_24a SPARC    PKGINST:  VRTSvxvm       NAME:  Binaries for VERITAS Volume Manager by Symantec   CATEGORY:  system       ARCH:  sparc    VERSION:  6....