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Resolved! Upgrade of server

Hi all ! I have some outdated RHEL5 installations with older vxfs 5.xx on. Some weeks back I popped out one of the mirrored OS disks and installed both RHEL7 and vxfs 6.2.1. I found no way to mount the old filsystems after the installation was don...

Resolved! Upgrade Path

Hi, can I directly upgrade my SFRAC 6.0.3 to SFRAC 6.1.1 ? or do i have to upgrade it first to the BASE 6.1 before applying the MAINTENANCE RELEASE 6.1.1 ?

kwakou by Level 4
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Resolved! Migrating to a new SAN

We're in the process of moving to new datacenters. All servers will be moved over but the SAN won't. The SAN will be replicated to a new SAN in the new datacenters by our SAN admins. That means, the LUNs in the new SAN will be identical to the old, a...

Resolved! Solaris OS compatibility for SFHA Version 4.1

Hi All, Arch=Sparc OS=Solaris 10 Release=3/05 Initial Release SFHA=VCS,VxVM,VxFS Version=4.1 I'm planning to upgrade Solaris host from Initial Release to Latest Release (Solaris 10 1/13 Update 11). Also the host is running VxVM,VxFS & VCS ev...

Veritas Cluster addition

Hi All,   In our environment we are having 8 node Veritas cluster sharing a Filesystem in all servers, and now we have request to add 8 more nodes to the existing cluster. So please provide the steps as well the best way to complete the setup.   ...

Resolved! Doubts on VxVM,VCS Upgrade & root disk encapsulation

Hi All, I have the below queries please 1) In order to stop VxVM to load at system boot time, we need to modify /etc/system file.    What entries are to be commented out ?    Is it only rootdev:/pseudo/vxio@0:0 set vxio:vol_rootdev_is_volume=1 ...

Resolved! Versions of Veritas Volume manager

I am running Verias Volume manager on HPUX, version is B.05.10.01.  There is embedded java that is version  Is there a more recent version that would bump up my Java to a higher version?   Thanks Also, removing the embedded java would wo...

Resolved! RUNQ values increased after upgrade to SFHA 6.1/RHEL5

Hi all, IHAC who has upgraded their SF HA 6.1 on RHEL 5 and noticed their RUNQ increased four times (0.1 avg to 0.4 avg). AFAIK, nothing has been changed during the upgrade. I'm wondering if it's an isolated case or expected behavior?    

Mouse by Moderator
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Volume Manager 5.1sp1 vea gui

I have upgraded a solaris9 machine from vxvm 4 to 5.1sp1.  I followed the recommendations to install the VRSTobgui compents for VEA, since it's no longer packaged with 5.1.  /etc/init.d/isisd does not start on machine boot.  When I start it manually,...

ed724 by Level 3
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Resolved! SF 6.0 does not recognize SF 4.1 Version 120 simple disk?

I am currently preparing to exchange two old SLES 9 systems by new SLES 11 machines. These new ones have SF 6.0 Basic and are able to see and read (dd) the disks currently being in production by the SLES9 systems (SAN FC ones). The disks are Version ...

ursi by Level 4
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Resolved! When will SF 6.0.x be supported on SLES 11 SP3

We are using SF 6.0.3 on SLES 11 SP2 now but for some new features would really like to upgrade to SLES11 SP3. When looking at the it is still unsupported :(. I am currently puzzled with SUSE doing ABI changes,...

ursi by Level 4
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SFHA version upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0

Environment 1: OS = RHEL 5.3 SFHA 5.0 MP4RP1 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR site)   Environment 2: OS = RHEL 5.0 SFHA 5.0 Global cluster with replication (two nodes at primary site and one node at DR sit...

urgent solutin needed

    I am executing below command through script  to restore volumes ssh -p 22 root@ dd if=/dev/rmt/0n ibs=4096b | (cd /mnt; vxrestore -c -r -b 4096 -f -) after restoring thre or four volimes, its ending with below message ==...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! upgrading from SF 5.1 to 6.0.2

Using the installer script to upgrade from SF 5.1 to SFHA 6.1.  There is no VCS on this server and the installer exits: Logs are being written to /var/tmp/installer-201302061759ZoK while installer is in progress     Verifying systems: 25%            ...

charl by Level 2
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Resolved! Patch missing for some components

My query. I was updating SFHA 5.0 MP3RP3 with the rolling patch of MP4RP1. The patch I downloaded did not contain any instalmp or installrp script. There were respective directories in which rpms were available. I had to to rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install ...