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Hello, The environment is as follow : NBU master Appliance 3.1.2 BMR Boot Server Windows 2016 running NBU 8.1.2   Windows 2016 registered as a BMR Boot Server ==> OK ADK as been is correctly on Windows 2016 When creating a x64 NetWork based Shared Re...
Hello,   I built a NetBackup with only Virtual Appliance (N3.1.2) My Setup is as follow : vnba-master  : Master Server vnba-media : Media Server with MSDP pool vnba-cc : CloudCatalyst connected to an on-premise EMC ECS   I cannot give vnba-media acce...
Hello, I don't think it is feasible according to documentatios but is there a way to set a quota limit on Universal Shares ? Could be good since otherwise DBA can completely filled up the MSDP Pool ...
Hi,   Let say we have a Cloud Catalyst virtual Appliance, The virtual CC appliance uses 1TB of cache disk. Let say I have a backup image that is 1,5TB large after dedupe.So my MSDP Media server will send 1,5TB over the LAN to my CC virtual Appliance....
Hello,Can we set a password on NetBackup 5240 appliance BIOS (like we do with standard server) ?I guess it is feasible since it is an "enhanced" x86_64 server ...Do any of you have any feedback ? Waiting forward for reading from you 

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