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We recently received a security scan report from our Sec Ops team that indicated "The remote server's SSL certificate has already expired" for NetBackup on ports 1556 and 3652.  I've got a few questions:What is on port 3652?  I see no mention of that...
All I want to do is push 8.2 client upgrades from my NBU Appliance environment (most clients are 8.0).  I see that VXUpdate is required to accomplish this?I've been wandering around the support site all morning trying to figure out how to make this h...
I'm rather embarassed that I can't find the answer to this - I've got an OpsCenter restore filter/query which involves over a dozen clients and hundreds of individual files.  I get an accurate list of files, but how do I select all of them wtihout ma...
Strange issue on a replication-target appliance (5230 - v.3.1):MSDP fills up, I expire some images, and initiate a manual queue processing run.  I'm watching the storaged.log and it has been over an HOUR since I submitted the queue processing command...
Just wanted to get a feeling of folks' appliance system loads on heavily utilized appliances.  During the main portion of my backup window (lots of tape jobs, lots of VMware to MSDP) I see sustained system loads (per top utility) upwards of 80:top - ...