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we have the old Master ( Linux machine ) which was replaced by two Flex Appliances 5250 on two different sitesthe new Masters/Media are on different domainthere is some images we want to keep from the old master for some monthsis there any way to tra...
is there any way to change the replication tab on pool volumes from none to replication source , target ?
hi team,1. install client on Linux machine (8.2)2 client receives master hostID from other client3 that client is NOT on aliases of master server4. remove completely the client that gives his ID to the other client5 uninstall client , reinstall clien...
hi teamlets say i install NetBackup client binaries files ( on my Flex Appliance Master Serverwhat's the next steps to push installation from my Master Server to a linux client?btw some clients support only 8.2 version
Is there any way when i want to add two different Folder/Files from two different Clients on the same Policyexample: Client A , Folder C:/A     Client B,  Folder B D:/Bis there any way to do that?

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