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SO - I run this script daily - it shows changes - who updated policy, etc...I am on unix, so I use crontab### # nbchanges audit script### 58 23 * * * /var/adm/scripts/nbchanges.ksh > /dev/null 2>&1# daily report filesDATE=`/bin/date +%m/%d/%Y`YYYYMMD...
I want to see my media volume pools and tape storage in the web gui any thoughts?  
After upgrading from 8.1.2 to all my web gui users were cleared. Veritas response: After the upgrade to NetBackup 8.3 is complete, a user may use the RBAC user migration tool available in the NetBackup 8.3 installation's goodies directory (Ex...
This is NOT NB specific and is across all versions. Please be aware - there is an issue with Isilon TCP/IP and NetBackup - watch out for multiple tries on incremental backups very infrequently. Backup will complete successfully update the listing the...
I backup all my images to a data domain at retention 00 - set to 4 weeks. Then duplicate to tape at retention level 13 set to 8 weeks. I am tight on space on the data domain and want to set retention 00 to 2 weeks and recalculate ALL images on the da...