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Hello, Environment: NBU VSphere 5 Description: I have a Windows VM with 2 disks. I made a backup of the system disk only and I want to restore it. Actually the backup seems smaller. When I start the restore, in the BAR I see both disks. After...
Hello, NB Linux RedHat 5.8. I put the admin address on the Global Attributes, checked "Server sends email" on Universal Settings, and left the "Client's administrator email" blank. No luck. If I run mailx manually, it works. When backups fail...
Hello all, EV 10 and NetBackup I found a lot of files into the closed partitions that have the archite bit set. On the Activity Monitor I see a number of successfull full backups of closed partitions, then I would expect that NetBackup clear...
Hello, I upgraded NetBackup Master and Media Server from to NB After that we esperienced a problem with Oracle backups pointing to 5020 appliances (FW 1.4.2). Basically, the acitivity monitor shows a 10/15 minutes delay between the s...
Hello, on the Replication Director guide, pag 114, I read: "Volume snapshot replication of qtree and non-qtree data is not supported." Can someone explain what does it mean?   Thanks  

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