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Hello, this forum seems to be very inactive, hopefully somebody will respond:-). When I launch Access console logon screen, "domainname\\username" is displayed in grey as a hint in Username field. However it seems that only local users (with master r...
Hello, on appliance, we use named users for both CLI and menu shell, also we use them for NetBackup Console. We use "admin" account very rarely. But when I run "nbauditreport -ctgy POLICY", every change in policies is logged under "root". Even if log...
Hello, let's have the following configuration: - 1 EV server, 2 Vault Stores - VS01 is , for example, for SMTP archiving - VS02 is for mailbox archiving Is it possible to specify somehow that all archives in VS02 will automatically use only index loc...
Hello, EV 12.4.2, Exchange 2013 SP1. I have configured PF Target (auto enabler), archiving is working (shortcut created etc.), however corresponding archives have no permissions. See attachment - comparing PF permisisons on Exchange level and EV leve...
Hello, I have two EV server 12.4.1 with remote SQL 2017 instance. I want to prepare backup scripts including "remote" sql dumps of EV databases (third-party backup not possible to use here). Earlier I was using isql/osql CLI utilities with came with ...

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