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I have a dilema.   Curretly on one server we run the following backups:   1 monthly full backup - kept for a year 1 weekly full backup - kept for 6 months 1 daily differential incremental backup - kept for 6 months and once a weekend we run another f...
So i'm using the wizard to recover a catalog backup from another system. I made sure the IP address and host names are the same as well as the version 7.0 but towards the end of the recovery i get:   13:17:53 INF - attempting to freeze media used in ...
So i initiate phase 1 and phase 2 of the import process like I do every month. These tapes are from another site with a different master server.   This has always worked except now I get these errors 04/24/2012 18:06:24 - begin Restore 04/24/2012 18...
Alright, not that I'm having any issues but this is out of pure curiousity fueled by my OCD. I'm trying to understand what criteria netbackup uses when selecting new media to be written to. So far I know the following. 1.) Is there an active and alre...
I know this topic has been covered before, but all the answers point to "Don't do it"   This is a freshly installed version of NBU on a new machine. We will be importing the old catalog to this new box. When installing i set the new name to "nfs" onl...