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Hi,   Envrionemnt: NetBackup on Solaris 10 Every week, I run an simple script to figure out which tapes are full and I export the full tapes to send offsite. However, sometimes the jobs run for a long time so it's possible that a long-runn...
Hi, NetBackup 7.5 on Solaris. We back up from data source to VTL and then it gets duplicated to tapes using SLP. Scenario: Prior to a duplication job starting, current tape status are: Tape 1: has images from the previously successful duplicatio...
Hi,   I get periodic media errors which caused the tape drives to go down. How do I determine I should not use the media anymore? For example, I just got Jul 13 12:36:17 buphost2 scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /pci@400/pci@0/pci@d/SUNW,ql...
Hi,   I am trying to understand the consequences of certain failure scenarios.   (1) I have to back up 3 volumes (vol1, vol2, vol3 in that order) via NDMP within the same policy which has weekly full on Saturday and daily incremental. Let's say d...
Hi,   The previous admin has all media with data put in the Netbackup pool. Consequently all media have mixed full and non-full images. I am trying to find a way to identify any media that has only non-full images and are older than 6 months from t...
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