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I am trying to do an instant recovery of a VM from one NBU domain to another. The backup image was replicated through AIR. The comand I use is this: nbrestorevm -vmw -ir_activate -C mspwksv20 -vmproxy mspnbuv01 -temp_location LOCAL_MSPESCH31 -R "E:\...
I am trying to run a replication using nbreplicate. The command I am sending is nbreplicate -Bidfile bidfile -slp_name slp -cn 1. In the Bidfile I have 10 images listed one per line: uswisuxdb9_1394402400 uswisuxgen5_1394402401 uswislxtaa001_13944...
If your company is like ours and has as a security model adopted using ssh on a different port than the default 22 then when you upgrade the CLISH is broken for various commands. I have not investigated all the commands but a couple of prominent ones...
In our environment we have trust issues. Our Backup administrators do not trust our VM admins to not mess up the backup environment if they are given full access to the administration console and our VM admins do not trust our backup admins to do a V...
Environment:   Master Server - SLES 11 Media Server 1 - NBU5220 Media Server 2 - NBU5220 Clients: Client 1 - SLES 11 Client 2 - SLES 11 PDDO - NBU5020 Situation: Client 1 is a production DB2 server sitting in a DMZ serviced by Media Server 1. Client ...
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