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Good Day, I have recently been spent quite some time reviewing deduplication ratios on backups in NetBackup and looking at how we can change how we store our data to achieve better backups. In most cases Compressed files tend to be the worst offend...
Hello, I have a problem on our envrionment where we are receiving backup failures on some of our servers we are backing up. Upon investigation Netbackup Client services has been stopped but not by any user or admin. This seams to be triggered by some...
Hello, I am running a Netbackup Puredisk server and have to begin backups of a large amount of data over a very small link. Is there any funcionally within puredisk to allow me backup to USB on the server i am backing up and then Plug the USB...
Hi,   I have an Exchange job prevously working fine finishing exit status 1 with the log message: "WRN - unable to successfully enumerate folder: Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:\<folders>" This suppresses after 10 messages but i can not figure out...
Hi, I need to backup PST files on an file server and the incrimental backups are looking quite large. I am being told that the changes in the PST files day to day are quite small (only a few emails). Does anyone know how netbackup incrimetals go abou...

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