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Is posible to configure NetBackup to use in round robin mode the media of same volume pool? For example, I have a volume pool with five media. I want that monday's Backups being saved into first media, tuesday's backus being saved into second media,...
Hello, I am making a Contingency Site  for a customers. That site will have one or two virtual machine, won't be a big deployment. I have some questions: 1) If I have a Tape Medioa with a backup's Virtual Machine, Is possible to make a restore (only...
Hello to all! I need create a Contingency Site for a VMWare 5.1 primary datacenter. I though of a secondary VMWare host in the contingency site and make replication between both sites with VMWare vSphere Replication. Also I though of put a BackupE...
Hello! I have installed NetBackup 7.5 on a Solaris server. The tape library is a STK SL48. I'm creating a Backup Offsite policy (without Vault licency). I can make a backup and manualy take out the tape, but I can't import that same tape to libra...
Hello, I need to know how I can indicate destin slot in de inject command: #vmchange -res -multi_inject -w -ml <media_id> -verbose -rn <robot_number> -rt TLD -rh <robot_control_host> I'm trying to do a script to eject and inject a tape. I resol...