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We are having some issues with netbackup when backing up via NDMP on our EMC storage.The issue seems to revolve around creating snapsure snapshots (a Netbackup recommendation).The filesystems we are taking NDMP backups of are also covered by EMCs che...
We've done restores many a time. But this time its different...the restore job ends, the data have been read, the tape dismounts. But the job doesnt complete, it sits there saying return status 0 in the job but sits in "Active" status in activity mon...
I'm running 7604 and encountered some odd out of memory issues around midnight...sendmail crashes, running jobs ditto. Did a lot of digging around project mem settings and then resorted to bpps -a ...simple! Ive got over 1000 bpjava processes running...
We are restoring some netapp written tapes to a netapp simulator with a different target directory. Simulator has no tape drives. It all worked perfectly. Then we properly retired the netapp leaving us with the simulator which then needed rebuilding...
Whilst I enjoy OIP , I dont enjoy the nbdisco process swallowing resources. So my question is simple: can the nbdisco process on the master be disabled and if so is there a recommended method to permanently stop it from executing? Solaris 10 Sparc /...