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I got a lot of hits on "Unknown" in the "Consumption by Owner" report, so I thought, what better than to do a report on where those files are located.But I cannot select "Unknown" in the standard report, and unfortunately we cannot (to my knowledge) ...
Where did the private groups go, and it also seems none of the group content was migrated? They almost all appear empty?
Exactly what does the Activity and "Active Files" in the Activity view of the Workspace show? I cannot seem to find a reference to it, my guess is: Activity: Online manual says "Total Access Count on the Share", is opening and listing content of th...
I have used this procedure several times: but always only as it was intended, using existing backups in the MSDP to seed new clients to the same MSDP. So now I have a client with some large...
So I recently troubleshooted a Windows NBU server, and in the Windows Application Event Log i got this error from TLD: TLD(0) cannot dismount drive 1, slot 231 already is full I know what it means and there was a good reason for it and that´s no...

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