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We recently issued EEB 3918337 for NetBackup 8.0 to support Exchange 2016 CU5. Database backups and restores are fine without the EEB, as are GRT backups. You need the EEB to browse and restore mailbox content from your backups. The EEB is an adaptat...



I have retired from Veritas in January 2022. Any future teaching or tutoring will be as a volunteer. I picked up a computing job with Sperry Univac in 1977 while in grad school because we were expecting our first child. It was going to be temporary until I finished school and became a math professor somewhere. I stayed there 30 years and another 14 and a half at Symantec / Veritas. I learned BASIC via a teletype hookup from my high school to the Twin Cities. I got hands-on time with a room-sized computer at Winona State in the summer of 1970. I wrote a sort of a flight simulator program in FORTRAN on cards. I used a plotter to draw my planets and trajectory, and the dip switches on the control panel for thrust. The computer was so slow that I could operate the thrust in real time - no sleep or wait loops. Besides 44 years in software, I have 22 years teaching or tutoring part time. This includes being the lead tutor in the University of Minnesota engineering school, teaching English and math in Spanish at a Latino service agency, and teaching math for 12 years at a community college.