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Container Webinar This Week

Level 3

 Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.15.24 PM.png

The IT sphere is abuzz with excitement regarding microservices and containers.  We certainly saw the interest in this hot trend at our recent Veritas Vision 2016 event in Las Vegas where John Willis (@botchagalupe) from Docker presented a very informative session. Practitioners worldwide are attracted by the promise containers hold for enabling their DevOps ambitions.  My colleague, Chad Thibodeau (@cthibodeau2) will be helping present a webinar this week that will explain containers, implications for storage management and discuss key takeaways from DockerCon 2016 that was held in Seattle. 

Topics discussed will include:

  • Application deployment history
  • Containers vs. virtual machines vs. bare metal
  • Factors driving containers and common use cases
  • Storage ecosystem and features
  • Container storage table stakes
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Key takeaways from DockerCon 2016

The webinar (Introduction to Containers, Container Storage Challenges and Docker) is scheduled for 10 AM PT, October, 6. Sign up here if you would like to attend.