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Unable to perform file restore on bitlocker encrypted VM's

Hello everyone,I have a few windows VMware virtual machines which have bitlocker enabled for all drives. These machines are backed up using "VMWare" policy type. When i try to perform a file level restore, it does not seem to work. All these servers ...

File Server with DFSR and dedupe/compressed partitions

Hello,Please give your comments about this scenario:We have an HPE StoreEasy as a file server, it is structured with several partitions, which are deduplicated/compressed by the HPE StoreEasy software. The Fileserver handles approximately 20TB of inf...

rafanto by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup Oracle Archive Logs backup only

Hello,Can we configure a Oracle Backup Policy with Archive Logs only? On backup selections we can't see the option, only datafiles, tablespaces, FRA, etc.We need to run several bacukup during the day, for example each hour.Thank you.Rafael

rafanto by Level 4
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linux media server rename

hello team,is there any procedure how i can rename a media server (Linux) from default name to FQDN ?Not the hostname , the name you give when you install the MediaMedia is on 10.1 version and Master Server is a Windows machinethanks in advanced

Resolved! MySQL 5.1.36 Community Edition

Hello,Please your help with this question, MySQL 5.1.36 Community Edition is supported by NBU? Specifically for the Community Edition part, since the matrices are not specific to it.Thank you.Rafael

rafanto by Level 4
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compatibility between NB 8.1.1 and DB oracle 19c

Hi All,When i try to backup DB (oracle 19c) which run on Linux redhat 7.9 using netbackup 8.1.1i get the error message below talking about versions not supported despite in the compatibility matrix the version is supported and also i have applied the...

how to change source email address on netbackup notification

Netbackup onRed Hat Enterprise Linux 8.8Question: We get email notifications about vaulting from We want to change that source email address to Can this be done?I checked the script bac...

cannot connect on socket

 Feb 15, 2024 11:28:59 AM - Info bpbrm (pid=20456) accelerator enabledFeb 15, 2024 11:29:04 AM - Info bpbrm (pid=20456) There is no complete backup image match with track journal, a regular full backup will be performed.Feb 15, 2024 11:29:05 AM - con...

Johnney by Level 2
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VMware SAN Backups errors

Hello,Please help with this query, we are configuring VMware backups over SAN, we have several Datastores presented to the Media Server/Backup Host, but for some reason some VM backups are being performed over LAN (NBD), the Activity Monitor log indi...

rafanto by Level 4
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Inquiries regarding the CVE-2023-6246 vulnerability

hello. My name is kamill.I am curious as to whether there is any action taken for the CVE-2023-6246 vulnerability in Netbackup appliance.The product you are using is NBA4.1.0.1MR4, and we are curious about your case and whether the problem has been r...

Kamill by Level 0
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BackUp Exec Gold 1TB 24months

Hi Vox Community, I need some help. I have renewal for BE GOLD WIN1 FRONT END TBOP STD SUB+ESSEN LICS RNWL 24MO CORP QTY 2, but our distributor is telling me that they can only renew for Qty 1 and if we need the 2nd 1TB we will have to be quoted unde...

Resolved! Uninstall NetBackup Client 7.7.3

Uninstall NetBackup Client 7.7.3. where is NetBackup Client uninstall exe file located. can u tell me exact filename and location. Once NetBackup Client uninstall exe file located we will create a bigfix job to do uninstall on 100 servers how can we ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Oracle database restore from vmware type backup

Hello team,I have NetBackup running in my environment. I have a few virtual machines running Linux OS and hosting Oracle databases. These machines are backed up by a policy type Vmware (with enable SQL recovery and truncate logs selected). P...

HyuNN by Level 3
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Oracle restore error

Hello,Please your comments about this issue, we are restoring an Oracle DB but at the end we have the following error: The backup was successful.Regards!Rafael

error rman.png
rafanto by Level 4
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