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What API use cases are your exploring?

Looking for input from customers and partners about use cases being explored or needed in your environments.  Join in the conversation so we can help you with your ideas.  Here's some ideas that others have mentioned or described:

  • Script to launch a manual backup from a server with the NetBackup client software installed.
    • Basic:  simply use API to submit a manual backup job from a specified policy
    • Advanced:  logic to see what backups have been recently completed (full or incremental) and compare to the policy's schedules to determine what level of backup to run
  • Multi-domain job status checking
    • Basic:  just get a list of failed backup jobs in past 24 hours from a stored list of master servers
    • Advanced:  ???
  • Add a new media server to multiple clients
    • Basic:  add media server to list of client from a file
    • Advanced:  smarts to query NetBackup to determine list of client based upon parameters like policy type or ???
  • Certificate re-issue automation
    • Basic:  client OS re-install needs to have certificate re-issued
    • Advanced:  ???
  • Initial client software installation
    • Basic:  Ansible playbook that performs the software install but then adds client to a test policy and initiates test backup
    • Advanced:  ???

What's your idea?

Tom Simerson